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Hollow Beast

I saw it last night
There is an evil deep within.
Against this, nothing can win.
Cold and calculating,
Superior to all she sees.
Misery within like a cancerous disease.
I saw her hollow empty nature.
Evil to the core.
Consuming everything to fill a pit, her soul no more.
Cannot be redeemed.
Cannot be reasoned with.
A black, empty evilness of hate.
burns deep underneath.
An outward disguise.
Her eyes were empty.
She cares not at all, truly.
Knows what she is doing,
its part of her disguise.
Keeps you going with a small truth within her lies.
She plays the game to consume you.
Shes never at fault, its all about her, its true.
A life of constant peril.
She has built this engine of destruction.
She hides within a lovely machination.
Nothing left now, but a hollow facade.
She knows what she is doing.
As she tries to fill that pit.
Never satisfied, its nothing but lies and shit.
I asked myself, why?
I fell in love,
then I had to run fast away.
Nothing I could ever do,
can save this hollow queen.
From dying, with you too.
Calm, kind and caring
Its all a disguise.
She sees all, in despite.
Wrap you around her little finger.
Inside of her
there is a soul that fries.
She is a beast, an evil thing.
Truly frightening I saw it there
Lurking, then pouncing.
I was lucky to get away.
I truly can say...
I saw the hollow, hateful evil today.
She is really fake,
She has to be to move about us.
Her charm tries for our trust.
There was nothing within her eyes.
I saw the blank stares.
I saw the cold, wicked smile.
I feel so sorry for this scared little girl.
Tossed away from the start of her world.
I tell you, run and dont look back.
You cannot hope to win.
The beast is all in black.
Consumes you while you are confused.
Twisted little demon inside.
Want to see through her disguise?
Get her to the point of no return.
Her anger will boil,
but she is careful
not to reveal the stain on her soul.
It is dark, and ugly,
the outside now resembles within.
Music may calm the beast,
but only for awhile.
No matter what in the end.
She sink her fangs in.
Time cannot heal these wounds.
Like a vampire
Of lust and desire.
Way too much baggage.
Lost amidst the garbage.
All the while its an act.
Turn away,
Shell stab you in the back.
I barely escaped with my sanity.
Im sad at what I know, at least.
Consuming herself,
she is the... Hollow Beast.


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