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Nameless Love

Between silk and fog it was, a spell.

It came after the waves, and before the lights.

It appeared at that time, when I was deepest drunk.

I dreamt you, the one you, the one I know and ignore.

You are forever silent in my life, ever mute and shadow.

But I know you are there, every other moon, I know.

And amidst slumber and need, I found you there.

I found you at the meeting of not here and elsewhere.

Where here is there and far is here, everyplace we were.

Your face was many, as hydra and morpher, it was close and unknown.

It was my friend, then as many lovers, it was her, perfect stranger.

Yet as barely I know her, I loved her eternal, and she loved me.

We looked and knew, quick as blinking eyes, who we are.

We found us and us found we.

We looked deep, and deep, and we kissed.

And explosions of ages we felt, as if finding home after many wars.

She was home in me and I her abode, we rested and cried.

We cried our separation and chance, this joy and discovery.

And we desired us, shallow and deep, we wanted more and all.

Why is it in dreams we feel thus?

Completely and eternally?

Why is it we see (if only a glimpse) of that one love?

Yet we never find it outside, eyes open and mind numb.

We never feel it here, amidst ice and hurt.

I want you inside my heart, forever again.

To find you and live in relentless embrace.

To laugh, cry, work and rest, to create and destroy.

As one.

Forever as one.

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Об авторе

Cristian Orellana In search of sanity and peace. I write short poems, they give me solace and happiness. Rather dark and cryptic, I do hope they connect with someone. I am an amateur writer, and I hope to improve the more I write and learn. Thank you for reading. I also do some instagraming, look for me as @chirimantecman.


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