M'lady Queen

Mia has always followed the rules, that is until a merging project forces her to live with a blond trouble maker named Leonardo. After spending time with Leonardo Mia starts to feel something she has never felt before, she does a bit of research and finds out this "feeling" of hers is love. The only problem? Her love for Leonardo is illegal.

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A Separated World

It's been many decades now since planet Earth was separated by gender, males on the left half females on the right half. When the spilt was first mentioned there was quite a bit of protest, many people were married and had started a family but due to the split they would have to split up. Many young couples tried to secretly meet in the beginning, however once the wall came up, and guards were standing there day in and day out it seemed hopeless for the couples to meet. After decades of fighting with the males the females decided that something had to be done to make peace between the sides. That was when the ruler of the females, Lady Alexia, decided that there needed to be a council so that the two sides could live in peace. Lady Alexia gathered a great council to help her as did the leader of the males, Lord Jacob, when the two councils came together for the first time in a long time there was peace between the sides. This new bigger council was named the " Keepers of Peace Council", or the KPC, the council met every four weeks, and after a year two members began to fall for each other against their fellow council members wishes.

From this love came a beautiful baby girl named Mia, due to them having just figured out how they were going to deal with the children they had opted to give the girl her mothers last name of Mckay, however Lady Alexia granted both the child, Mia, and the mother, Cassandra the same last name as the father, Jay Graham. Though to the council members it was an act of sheer kindness, Lady Alexia and Cassandra knew it was a favor from one friend to another. That little girl inspired the council to make many changes, they decided that once a child was at the age to start middle school from then on the child would be going to school with the other gender. Being friends with the other gender was fine once you were that age as well as hanging out with them as long as you remembered your mask, once you hit high school the rules were the same except you were not to date the opposite sex nor hang out in a group of just two. This was because being alone with the opposite gender and dating could lead to love, and everyone knew it was prohibited to fall in love with someone, especially someone of the opposite sex. The council allowed Cassandra and Jay to get married but no one outside of the council was to know, though they still had to stay on their repective sides, they were the only exception to the law.

The council adored the new born baby and they all treated her as family, and though she was a baby the council had already made sure to save her a place on the council. The child grew up with both parents thanks to the council, even though she only ever got to see her dad every four weeks at the council meetings. As the child got older the council started to call her " wonder ball" because she was a ball of wonder, she asked questions, and wondered about everything. That " wonder ball" child is me Mia Graham, I'm sixteen now and though I'm not a ball of wonder the council still calls me by that silly nickname. It was cute when I was five but that was years ago!

I slump in my seat as my best friend Ashley sits beside me, " Hey emerald, you don't look to good are you ok," she ask while peering into my face even though my mask is on.

I groan, " Come on Ash, my eyes are green, it's my real eye color, and you've known this for years," I sigh as she giggles," and I'm fine just a bit tired."

" Oh," she says with her eyes lighting up, " were you watching a certian stupid show," she ask making sure the word stupid stands out.

" Get real," I say rolling my eyes, " as if I'd ever watch Starguard, it looks like pure crap," Ashley eyes me before humming the theme song to Starguard.

Without thinking I start humming along, " I think you did watch Starguard," Ashley says one last time with a giggle before opening her notebook and turning to pay attention to the teacher.

As the teacher Miss Sophia begins todays lesson my mind wonders back to what I was thinking about before Ashley started talking to me. While my mom and I were eating dinner last night she had gotten a call informing her about some " merging group" being gathered and how the " merging experiment" would commence tomorrow, I had tried to ask what it was about but she just shook her head and told me not to worry about it. I sigh and begin taking notes as I decide to push the thought away for now.

In the middle of class the door swings open to reveal a blond haired boy slightly out of breath. Miss Sophia glances at him while writing the next set of notes while telling the boy to take the empty seat next to me, I let out an aggravated breath as I move my stuff from the seat beside me so he can sit down. He sends a smile my way as he sits down I ignore him and continue writing my notes.

After school I hurry to meet up with Ashley and our other friends Judy and Emmanual. However when I walk out the schools front doors I see Ashley and Emmanual standing at the school gate. I run up to them and ask where Judy is.

" Judy won't be with us today," Emmanual says picking his bag off the ground, " she has other activities to attend to."

I tilt my head " What? Activities that are more important than hanging out with us," I cross my arms and start heading towards our favorite cafe, The Ying Yang Diner following quickly after me is Ashley and Emmanual.

" It's not like that emerald," Ashley breaths I glance at her thinking to myself that something is off, " she's in some serious trouble this time," I see her eyes flicker with a hint of sadness for a few moments before Emmanual speaks.

" Come on Ash is wasn't on purpose, it kinda just happened," he said as we all get on the city bus heading into town," the guy had no right to be in there anyway, it was the girls locker room."

I cough a bit to get their attention," So I understand that you three have the same last period but I do not so would you mind filling me in," I ask while crossing my arms."

Emmanual sighs and nods while Ashley begins telling me what happened," Well after PE Judy decided to change because she said she felt gross and while she was washing her face a boy walked in but she didn't have time to put her mask back on and he saw her face," she stops talking as someone texts her leaving Emmanual to finish the story.

" And then aparently another girl saw them and told the headmaster that Judy had taken off her mask infront of a boy," he said stepping off the bus after us.

I nod in understanding but get a text from my mom asking me to come home before I get the chance to respond. I groan and apologize to them and promise them that we'll hang out during the weekend for sure, and start running towards my home. However when I opened the front door what I saw caused me to drop all of my stuff.


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