Javier Teja

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution

Приключения Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

The dew was already flooding the fields. The moon, which that night was full, gave way to the sun and the morning. The valley woke up little by little and from the chimney of hut rose a black smoke.

Dorin fanned the embers of the last night, while John, his master, was examining a map of the area.

- Today is the day, boy. You must to be focused, Dorin. Are you listen to me? ¡Wake up!.- John was nervous, although he tried to hide it.

-¡Yes... sir! I am only thinking- Dorin replied.

"One day I will left this place and you will be the best hunter that this region has seen" John told him days ago, after entrusting him with his first mission. He was going to become a hunter, one of the oldest trades: a hunter of wolves, bears and other beasts. A kind of mercenary, at the service of every man who could pay it.

"Would I be ready? I hope so", he repeated as he watched the bear head that John had as a trophy on the wall, whose teeth were snow-white knives. "Everything will be resolved today", he thought. "Or I live as a hunter or I die as a prey".

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ana hoy ana hoy
It was very fun to read! Congratulations.

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