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The Blood Arts has been around for a long time, but it has always been shrouded in mystery. An ambitious young girl chances upon its secrets and decides that she needs to be the most powerful wielder of this art who has ever existed. Follow Sabrina as she unearths the secrets behind this ancient power and fights to achieve her unending ambition.

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Chapter 1

It was a warm, dark, uncomfortable windless night. It was not unbearably hot, but just warm enough to work up a light sweat which worsened the uncomfortable humid conditions.

He was a tall, muscular and clean-shaven man wearing a black suit. He was standing at the front of a warehouse entrance and a pistol was visible at his waist, kept in a waist holster.

The warehouse was located at the centre of a larger compound which contained no other buildings.

His employer had acquired his services for one night. The job was simple, he had to protect a parcel overnight in a relatively-deserted location.

He was generally hired by more powerful men for more dangerous tasks but he had accepted this job today for two reasons. First, his employer paid nearly ten times what he had earned from his other jobs. Second, he decided that he could use a night of peace and quiet.

Thus, he resigned himself to protecting a parcel that seemed to hold only sentimental value to a paranoid owner.

Suddenly he heard twig snap and a female voice cursed.

He turned to his right, drawing his pistol with practiced ease.

On any other day, he would have fired shots first and asked questions later, that is, if there was someone left to ask questions to.

But today, maybe because of the fact that he was desperately craving some peace, he decided to ask who this person was before he took a decision on whether to kill her.

A young, long haired girl with an athletic form stood about four feet in front of him, with her arms raised. In the dark, it was difficult to make out details of her appearance but she seemed to be wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and appeared to be a little less than six feet tall.

He came to the conclusion that she was just a teenager who was someplace where she wasn’t supposed to be.

Keeping his gun trained at her head, he asked,

“ Who are you? “

She replied in a soft voice,

“ My name is irrelevant. But I must ask that you hand over the package in this warehouse. “

He guessed that she had found out about the parcel that was being kept here and had decided to steal it to make some quick cash.

“ Get out of here, girl. If you don’t leave, I will be forced to shoot you. “

“ That’s quite unfortunate. “

She waved her fingers and a tiny vial of a dark-coloured substance appeared in her right hand, apparently out of thin air. She raised her arms and brought down her right hand in one swift motion, smashing the vial on the ground while muttering some words in a language he couldn’t understand.

The man decided that it would be easier to kill the girl instead of dealing with these theatrics and was a millisecond away from pulling the trigger when his vision went red.
The girl took two long steps towards the man, put her hand on his mouth, muffling his shouts and forced him against the wall of the warehouse with a strength that was uncommon in a teenage girl.

The man could only see the colour red and felt himself being shoved against a wall. He tried to flail his arms around but realised that he couldn’t move his arms.

She drew a long, thin dagger that had been tucked into the waistband of her jeans.

“ Well, this was fun. “

And she rammed the knife into his throat.


A man, who looked like he was in his 50s or 60s, limped towards the warehouse with the aid of a walking cane. It was dawn and the entire area was bathed in a soft yellow glow.

The man wore a pair of black sunglasses, a light blue shirt and a pair of formal trousers. He was alone.

As he approached the warehouse, he sensed something wrong and noticed that the man he had contracted to guard his parcel was missing from the entrance.

He drew a pistol tucked into the waistband of his trousers and approached the warehouse. He raised the gun and slowly entered.

The interior of the warehouse consisted of a large empty space, illuminated by large overhead lamps at regular intervals. At the centre of the warehouse stood a pedestal with an open case on top of it.

The man limped over to the case and looked inside, even though he knew he would find nothing.

The case was empty and in the place of its contents was a single piece of white paper on which a short message had been hastily scrawled.

“ Thank you for the Amulet :) “.

The man flung the case off the pedestal, causing it to shatter against the nearby wall.


Three years ago

A thirteen year old girl stared at herself in the mirror. She wore a blue T-shirt and jeans, and her hair was tied in a ponytail. She had green eyes and held a long, thin dagger in her right hand.

The room was dark and was illuminated by a solitary candle on the floor.

She took a deep breath and spoke to herself in the mirror,

“ Sabrina, you need to do this. “

She spun around and walked to the candle at the centre of the room. A large circle had been drawn around it using a special kind of chalk which Sabrina had made herself.

She tried to steady herself but her hands were trembling from fear of what she was about to do.

“ Damn it! “

She placed the dagger on the ground and pulled a small bottle containing white tablets out of her pocket. She took two out in her palm, put them in her mouth and swallowed them.

She took a few deep breaths and felt herself beginning to calm down.

She waited for a few minutes and picked up the dagger again, noticing that her hand was visibly more steady.

She took a deep breath and made a shallow cut across her wrist. She allowed the blood to drip onto the candle, extinguishing it.

At first, nothing happened. But after a few seconds, there was a small tremor in the room, causing Sabrina to bend her knees to steady herself. A red mist began to rise from the floor of the room while Sabrina felt herself being filled with a strange energy.

She smiled and spoke a few words in a strange language, waving her fingers at her wrist.

The mist that surrounded her, rose up to her wrist and surrounded her cut. It stayed in that position for a few moments and then cleared up. Sabrina smiled again, noticing that her cut had disappeared.

A soft clap echoed from a corner of the room. Sabrina spun around in surprise, raising her dagger and preparing herself to attack.

A female, shrouded by the mist in the room, spoke,

“ There’s no need for that. My name is Quickfeather and I have been watching you for a long time with a great deal of interest. I am only here to give you piece of advice. You have a natural talent for the Blood Arts, that much is evident. One day, you will be one of the best. But you are driven purely by the need to be the best and this will land you in trouble soon. You won’t understand what I speak of today, but I hope you find an alternative to your unending ambition. I hope to see you soon Sabrina. “

She snapped her fingers and the mist withdrew. Sabrina stood in an empty room, staring around the room.

Sabrina was momentarily confused but forcefully cleared her head, realizing that the path she had taken would lead to stranger things. She had to get used to it.

She said to herself, “ Nobody tells me what to do. “ and flung the dagger at the place where the voice had originated from. The knife embedded itself in the wall with a soft thud.


The present

Sabrina walked towards the wall in her basement. Sliding her fingers along the wall, she found the groove she was looking for. She drew her dagger and slipped it into the wall and turned it clockwise.

There was a small humming sound as the electric motor set into the wall opened the hidden door.

She walked through the door which had just opened and went down a flight of stairs. At the foot of staircase, there was a large room with several pedestals, with glass cases full of various different items.

She walked towards the nearest case which was empty, placed the Amulet in it and admired the Amulet for a few moments.

At the centre of the Amulet was a gem that was the shade of blood. She saw her face reflected in it and smiled a vampire smile.


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