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Vikram was born in a middle-class family. Soon after his school education Vikram went to Bangalore in completing his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Vikram used to stay in a hostel along with his four roommates who are from the different engineering departments.

Vikram was good at his education, and he doesn't have any habits such as smoking, drinking etc. But his roommates were having the habit of highly using drugs and injections.

Their roommates forced Vikram to take and use the drugs and injections. Vikram said that I am not interested in using drugs and injections.

Vikram requested to hostel warden to tell them not to take the drugs and injections or give me any other room. But the warden said that it's not his house and it's a hostel. It's common here, you have to adjust, and he advised to go to room and remember you came to study here don't waste your life by complaining about others or else get lost from this hostel...

Vikram went back to his room and his roommates went to purchase the drugs and injections from the local suppliers. Police say those people taking the drugs from local suppliers. Police started following them, but they escaped from them.

Police called the supplier and asked for the details about the people, and he said that they are college students staying in the hostel.

Police went to the hostel and started knocking the door. Vikram opened the door police said the names of those students. Vikram said, yes sir they are my roommates and asked any problem.

Police asked since how many days you and your roommates are using drugs and injections. Are you people using drugs and injections for selling?

Vikram said, no sir I don't know how to use the drugs and injections and I don't have any habit like this.

Police started searching his room and they found drugs and injections in the hostel.

Police has taken Vikram to the station and started enquiring about himself and injections and drugs.

Police started searching missing people and they decided to produce Vikram in court, and they called Vikram and asked him to tell, if he has the habit of using drugs and injections in the court and the police said convey this as it is or else, he will be killed in the encounter.

The next day Vikram was produced in court, and he said that he has habit of using drugs and injections. And the judgment was Vikram was to be in jail for a period of 10 years.

Vikram was sent to the central jail. Vikram's parents went to the college and asked about their son. The principal said go and see your son in central jail. He is there not here. Your son has made a black remark about our college even though we have not given a complaint against your son don't stand here just go out from this college.

His parents left the college crying and emotional and went to the central jail and met their son and asked about the details and he explained all the details.

His parents went to the police station and asked about their son in jail, but the police showed the photos and said we have arrested your son for using drugs and injections in hostel. You can see your son after 10 years just leave this station now.

His parents went to the jail and met their son Vikram and told him that we are ashamed of him, and Vikram was asked not to come to his house soon after the jail release.

Vikram was spending his days with a lot of depression and a prisoner called Vikram started asking why did you come to jail, what you have done?

Vikram explained all the details about his life incident and said that he doesn't have any habits even I haven't done any mistake today I am in jail and started crying saying that I have lost my life there is no one for me...

Vikram was spending his days with the prisoners around him and said I am waiting for my time, and I will be back........................................................


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