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What started out as a man-hunt for a serial killer turns into something more dark and complex than anyone would have imagined. Detective Steve Richardson and his partner, Detective Abigail Benson, are thrust into the under belly of the quaint town of Rockyroad Creek, not really knowing what they're getting themselves into. With the help of the editor of Knock Magazine, Ian Schuyler and his service dog Zeus, will they be able to solve this mystery before the whole town is bathed in blood?

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"Knock, knock."

Ian, noticing movement before anyone spoke, looked up from the computer to the man leaning against the doorway. He had a tray of two drinks in one hand and a white bag in the other. "Hey, Steve," Ian signed in greeting with a smile. Steve grinned back and walked into the small office. He reached around the desk and patted the dog sitting by Ian's leg.

"Hi, Zeus," Steve greeted the large husky-shepard mix. The dark golden, brown dog lifted his head and let out a happy, low bark. "Shelia said you were in here since 5. Thought I'd come in and give ya brunch," Steve said, sitting the bag and tray down in the empty space next to the computer.

Ian swiveled away from the computer, his eyes following Steve's movements. Steve pulled up a chair and sat across from him. He gave the larger man a curious look as he settled himself. "What? I'm on lunch too." Ian quirked an eyebrow as Steve dug into the white bag.

Pulling out a BLT for himself, Steve handed the bag over to Ian. Ian pulled out the toasted egg and sausage bagel intended for him. He pulled the sausage out of the bagel and handed it to Zeus, who took it happily.

Ian looked up when he felt Steve tapping his hand. "Got another case, today. This one is almost as weird as the one from last month. The same story, same complaints, and still no body or any assailant," Steve said.

"Anything new at all?" Ian signed. Steve waved his hand and nodded.

"Yeah. So far all we know is that the assailant has a dog or something. I mean the tracks they left are huge. This is why I need your help on this one." Steve pulled a manila folder from - seemly nowhere - and placed it on the desk.

Ian wiped his hands on a spare napkin and opened the folder. His eyes scanned over the words in the file before he came to the pictures. He picked up one of the pictures and furrowed his brow. He sat the picture down and looked up at Steve.

"The prints are huge," Ian signed. "It is either a big breed of dog or a hybrid. A wolf-dog." Steve frowned. He crossed his arms.

"What the hell is a wolf-dog?" Steve asked. The most he knew about dog breeds was a lab, golden retriever, husky, and German Shepard. He glanced over at Zeus, who just so happened to be three of those four breeds. He looked back up at Ian.

"It is considered an exotic animal for obvious reasons. It is a cross between the domestic dog and a wolf. It isn't fully domesticated as it still retains some of its wild kin's instincts," Ian signed. Steve dropped his head back and sighed.

"More fucking things to keep in mind..." Steve grumbled in a huff. He picked his head up and looked at Ian who gave him an expectant look. "I'll get back to you if we find anymore animal related things," Steve signed and spoke at the same time.

Ian smiled. "I'm always happy to help," Ian signed back.

Steve closed the manila folder and placed it back wherever he got it from. Steve leaned back in the chair and finally took a bite out of his sandwich.

"So, how's the new promotion? I heard you're now the chief-editor of the magazine." Steve smirked.

Ian nodded.

"It's a lot more work than I'm used to but I love it. It's something I've always wanted to do so it's more fun than actual work," Ian signed.

Steve chuckled. He reached over the desk and swiped his thumb against the corner of Ian's mouth.

Ian jerked his head back slightly in surprise. His cheeks tinted pink.

"You had mayo on your mouth," Steve said. Ian's eyebrows shot up as Steve put the mayo covered appendage in his mouth. Steve looked down when he heard Zeus doing that husky 'howl talking' of his, almost in a disapproving tone at the action. The golden husky-shepherd flashed his teeth briefly.


Steve turned around at the shout with a frown. Ian followed the man's startled gaze to the woman in the doorway. It was his partner, Detective Abigail Benson. "What?"

"We got a live one! Boss wants us at Rockvalley Park, yesterday!" Detective Benson said. Her eyes met the curious grey orbs of Ian's. "Sorry for the interruption, I need to borrow Detective Richardson." After she spoke, another woman appeared behind her with a disgruntled expression.

"I'm sorry, sir," She signed when she met Ian's gaze. "She just barged passed me even though I told her you were in the middle of lunch and wasn't seeing anyone else right now."

"That's alright, Shelia" Ian signed back. He glanced at Steve as the man stood to leave.

"Tell him I'll be back later," Steve said as he and the other detective made a hasty exit. Shelia watched the two detectives leave before looking at Ian. Ian gave her a curious look.

"He said he'll be back," she signed with a frown. Hopefully not anytime soon. She didn't really like Steve or his partner.

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