Zennitha Griffin

She has a girlfriend she's in love with, but she's fallen for another girl -Maureen- who has a boyfriend. Now she's torn between two people. Would she tell her girlfriend? Would they make it work or would their love fade? Based on a true story.

LGBT+ 13+. © All rights reserved

#love #high-school #erotica #rainbow # #queer #lgbtq #girlfriend #crush #gxg #girlxgirl #younglove
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Chapter 1

Finally, I was back to school. It had been about a year and a half since I left school and I couldn't wait to leave the house. Not much had changed when I got back but it still felt new to me. The place a lot of people disliked is the place I couldn't wait to go to. My school is not too big or fancy or anything but it was manageable....at least for me. My mom made me leave early in the morning, I have no idea why but I ain't complaining. I got there around eight o'clock, there were just about seven people there cos enrollment hadn't started yet. Two girls helped me take my things to the dorm ,who I later got to know as Gloria and Judith. After all my stuff was inside I went to see my mom off to the car. She said a bunch of stuff, which of course I listened to some....and ignored some because,.....well why not. This year I had decided to be in my little space until I was sure about people. I didn't want to be everyone's friend.....again. Right after my mom left, I went out to get myself a headset. Playing music on full blast and blocking people out - that was my plan for the next few months - until it all backfired.

Thanks for reading🙂

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