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Chapter one

The street was swept empty. "Tell me, is it possible that you have something against me?" Erik peered out the window. His sister came right away, as he had just mentioned. Then he sat down again and looked at me expectantly with raised eyebrows. "No," I looked up sullenly. I yawned. Then I put my hands back on the table and put them on my forehead. "What is it?" he looked at me worried. I shook my head. "-Nothing." "Hey Johanna," he sighed softly. "Let's just wipe the slate clean...?" "Uh yeah," I shook my head tiredly and a little disinterested. Why was he starting to annoy me so incredibly again. Didn't I have to endure this emotionally every week. "Let's make a bet," he gave a short, malicious laugh. "That you liked it with me." I looked at him. I blacked out again. I saw that he was walking towards me. Bury your hands in your trouser pockets. He frowned. "You know Johanna, I bet you only used me for your fun. Before you go now, please tell me why you did that exactly?" I sighed indignantly. "Oh, don't tell me stories. I just think you're great." "Great for what?" "For..." I stood up and wanted to pet him but he pushed me away. I fell back in the chair. "I know what you like about me," he said quietly again. "But believe me, you lack sense because you don't think with a clear head and reason and now," he wiped his face tiredly. Then he made a dismissive gesture. "Go away." But I didn't get up. I still had black eyes. "You get up!" The last thing I knew was how I slumped to the ground like a heavy sack of flour.

I sat in front of Erik's familiar country villa by the lonely lake and in the forest. Erik sat next to me, rubbing a dandelion between his fingers. A habit he didn't get rid of as easily as I had often noticed. Birds chirped and a dog barked in the distance. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back.

I woke up abruptly and reality returned with a vengeance. She was so incredibly mean! The cold crept into my bones. It was dark around me, only the streetlights were on. I lay in front of Erik's house. The street was swept empty and midnight struck in the background. I slowly got up. I banged on Erik's front door. Drummed against it. "Please open the door for me, Erik, damn it. Please," I yelled. "Please open it. Man, I love you." Someone opened a window above me. "Aren't you ashamed?" It was Erik's sister who had always been a thorn in my side. She was cool and aloof and I envied her because she was Erik's sister. Tears ran down my face. "Man, I'm so cold." The light blonde young woman above me just laughed softly and silently closed the window.

Many years later I remembered the story again. Time and my life had made me a different person. I ended up marrying an engineer but he only cheated on me and I was heartbroken. Finally, I had become ill - very ill. I had cancer. He was healthy again and my husband went with the illness. He had met another woman. I had actually wanted to give up half my life, but now that I had gotten sick of all things, I had made a conscious decision against it and, with a good portion of luck, had got well again. Giving up was not an option in life for me, I had now realized, but rather having hope that one day life would fulfill my wishes and for which I would now fight hard and bitterly. I would see Erik again, no matter when or where. I knew that he had loved me and that I had only taken advantage of him at the time. I had forgiven him a long time ago. That I passed out at the time because I hadn't slept for a few nights because I'd partied too much. When I woke up that morning, I smiled in the mirror and realized that the young woman from back then was no longer smiling at me. "Today I will see him again," I said softly and full of expectation. We would meet later in the park.

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