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99 or more horror stories, every chapter in one separate story, more coming soon COMING SOON- THE CAMITY (Noah Rowland's book). COMING SOON- ??? Stay tuned for more. Will the character's survive creatures that they've never seen or dealt with before? Or will they die against an immense creature? Packed with tones of sperate stories 99+

Ужасы Подростковый ужас 13+.

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"Alright, let's go," I said. I drove down the dark streets. "I wonder why everyone doesn't go down here at night, well, probably because they're sleeping. That makes sense," I said to myself.

I saw on my GPS that I am meant to go straightforward, then left and the park will be there. It's going to take quite long...

"Alright, we are here, let's turn left," I said. This place at a first glance is so petrifying. I hopped out of my car, went to the boot and opened the boot door. I put the bag on my back, I looked up...

"This place is sure very terrifying, and trees reaching a staggering 60 feet tall?" I said.

"And this is also the place I've been reported to go to? I'm going to get help for this investigation," I said.

I pulled my phone out and went In my car and dialed my friends number. "Hi, how are you Jacob?"

I asked.

"I am good and you Dan?" Jacob said. "I am good, I have a slight issue, I have gotten a report to go in a terrifying forest, may you help?" I said. "I'll come wait there, don't move—" said Jacob.

He hung up.

I waited, and waited. I yawned, "Looks like its time for a nap," I said. I slept.

I hear weird noises coming from the forest, I woke up. "What the hell is that noise?" I questioned myself. I dialed my friends number again. "Come on pick up!" I panicked. "Bro, when are you here? I hear something in the forest. And it's coming over to my area," I said. "I'm close, Just give me 2 minutes, I'm 2 minutes away, Jacob said.

"Alright, I'll wait," I said.

While I was sleeping I heared a car pulling over.

"Wake up," He said.

"Oh, hi Tomas" I said.

"how are you going," said Tomas.

"I'm good," I said.

I stepped out of the car and walked to the forest my friend walked up to me.

"Oh, I see why you didn't want to go in," said Tomas.

"All those missing people, it's dangerous, it's better safe," I said.

"True—but this is our job," said Tomas.

"Yeah let's go," I said. We got out torches of our bags and switched them on.

We walked in the forest of 60 foot trees and the floor of bark,

and bark crunching below our feet. "Tomas, I actually heared a demonic like horn, I couldn't tell what it sounded like— but it sounded like the Israel siren but a bit demonic and Low," I said.


"It was when you were coming—thats when I heared it," I said while interrupting Tomas. We kept walking in the woods.

"Did you bring the hunting cameras to capture this thing?" I asked. "Yes I do," Tomas said while me and Tomas are concomitantly walking together deeper in the woods. We kept and kept walking in the forest bark on the ground, trees standing up some broken bending down.

We hear a screem in the distance to our right when we were walking in the path with trees surrounding us. "What the hell was that?" I said. "I have no idea, we better help," Said Tomas.

"Hello!?" Yelled Tomas. While making a cone with he's hands to hes mouth. No response. "That's weird," I said.

"Well, let's keep moving, we won't see that I hope," Said Tomas.


We followed the dirt path down the forest, while trees passing by while we were wandering further a long the woods. In the distance, we hear blood curling screaming coming from our left.

"What was that?" I said.

"I have no idea, should we go towards it?" Said Tomas.

"Well, if we go towards it, by the time we get there he is dead, but I reckon we should," I said.

"Bro, but we will be closet to whatever that is!" Said Tomas.

"Well, it's our duty and plus we are part of the police, we are detecives its our duty," I said.

"True, let's go," said Tomas.

We turned left and walked to the scream. We walked down the forest, and looked around the tree, and saw footsteps the stride was quite far, as if someone was running from something. We followed the footprints. But then, the footsteps stopped. It just stopped randomly. As if a creature picked the person up but how? Something that big?

"and the footsteps just stopped here?" I said.

"Bro, what if the person gotten grabbed by a creature?" Questioned Tomas.

"No, no, no, no, we need to go back to the dirt path," I said.

We walked back to the path and followed the footprints.

We heared a tree fall down near by.

"What the hell was that?!" I said.

"I don't know, but it's close," said Tomas. We heared some footsteps, we started to feel the rumbling from the ground...

"WE NEED TO RUN!" I yelled.

Chapter 3+

coming soon...

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  • Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
    Thankyou, your support means a lot! March 08, 2023, 06:21
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Wow! gave me chills, like I definitely would not want to go into that forest at night, no way! with that said, its really good
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