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Chapter one.

"Gosh...""Will you stop the words?" Marieane, my stepmother looked at me angrily. "I looked at her. I was silent and just swallowed my anger. She shouldn't act like that. We were having dinner. When I rode my scooter to work in the pub in the evening and waited on the table, I noticed a blond, unusually handsome man. He was twenty-five at the most. First he sat alone, then a couple of young women with two men came and joined him. He had ice blue eyes. He looked up and looked at me. He grinned. The women next to him eyed me suspiciously. "You," he raised his hand. "Come over here." I did as he was told. He leaned toward me. "I'd like a beer. Having a drink with you would be great, but I get it," he grinned from ear to ear. "You're the waitress and you're not allowed to do that. Don't you live there at the Waldhof?" "Why?" I smiled. "Nina!" "Oh, my boss," I moaned irritably. "See you later then?" He winked. "Look forward to seeing you." "What ?" "Nothing." When I brought him the beer, he just smiled silently and chills ran down my spine.

As I was driving home in the evening I noticed that I was being followed by a large dark smoked sedan. I accelerated and the sedan accelerated too. I turned into the woods and the limousine followed me. I slowed down, the limousine did the same. I was finally home.

The next day I saw a strange man in the yard sniffing around a bit. The limousine was parked a little apart by the forest. I stared at her. The limousine stared back. When I picked up the post that afternoon, there was a letter in there. "Hey waitress beauty, I love you. Do you want to see me?"

When I went to work that evening I saw him again. He sat apart by the window. I watched him more closely. He wore branded clothes. This time he had styled his hair. When I served him, he smiled at me. "Well beauty, shall we meet later?" First I thought. "Never that," I wanted to decide on a first impulse, but his encouraging smile made me change my mind.

Laughing, we walked arm in arm through the city. We went for a drink. Then we drove away in a fancy limousine. I fell asleep in his arms. I didn't even know his name - I had forgotten, for whatever reason.

The next day I went back to work. He was gone. All I knew was that he was from Denmark and that he liked blonde women. I never saw him again.

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