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A blessing just to be breathing .

There's so much that we overlook in life and its all small things. If i may take you on a little journey for a second. The world is full of people from every walk of the globe. and just because someone in the United States is going through a rough time, does not mean that no one else ain't having it even harder. The reason I titled chapter 1 A blessing just to be breathing is, because like i just mentioned someone else in another country didn't wake up this morning. So the next time WE and yes i said we. Is because I myself have to be more thankful for just being blessed to wake up. See the best thing I found to be true and that is, when you find it within yourself, not trying to be truthful to "someone " else. but to YOU is what's important. Just being apart of this life is just fine by me. its a blessing is all i can say at the moment because when your eyes open up in the morning just look up towards heaven and thank GOD for just wakeing (YOU) up and the reason why i am speaking on you me and anyone else that knows that its a blessing just to be breathing. The next time your eyes open up even if its just for a napp, just know that you are blessed and there is so many people thats in this world that,(WISH) they could breath and not on a machine or feel that they can't escape from a abusive relationship. there is a reason in most cases as to why alote of folks dont see it that way and i could be wrong but, to say that everybody counts their blessing i'll be lying and thats what throws people from the truth. Can i share a verse with my

readers just for a secon. if you will,

allow me to go into further details about: James1:7. it goes on to say that.

Every good and perfect gift is from above,coming down from the father of the heavenly lights,who (Does not)

change like shifting.

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Sylvia Leigh-Ann Whaanga Sylvia Leigh-Ann Whaanga
Stunning compassionate caring godly and kind

  • J B Jermaine Black
    Thanks for all the support and I am GODS will try and keep putting books out. October 10, 2022, 01:03

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