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This is Ash McLain’s very first encounter with Van Death,one he eventually forgets about.One his brain erases from his mind.Something he would regret,but that’s for another story. What happened between them? What did he see? What was said? What WASN’T said? That is to be found out in this story.. *From my “Poppy McLain’s adventures” story.

Короткий рассказ 13+.

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Короткий рассказ
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Ash and Van Death’s first conversation

Sixteen year old Ash McLain was just walking home from school,past an abandoned building in the woods,until someone pulled him in the trees.

The person who pulled him was a pasty,pale man with bright blond hair and horribly bright fashion.

“I’m Van Death and I’m a vampire hunter.You’d be good as a vampire hunter-“

“Nope,I’m out.”


“Get away from me,you weirdo!” Ash yelled,running towards home.

But Van Death grabbed him and pulled the teenager to the building.

When they were inside,Ash noticed a bunch of people in white lab coats,all working together.

“So it’s a science lab.”

“Look in one of the rooms.”

Ash ran over to one of the doors and saw pale kids with sharp teeth,puking blood.

“Y-Y-You torture kids?!”

“Not just any kids,vampire kids.Bloodrinkers.Monsters.You can join,too-“

“You’re nuts!” Ash yelled,running out the door.

“Come back when you want to join!” Van Death yelled.

Ash never wanted to see that wacko again..

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.


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