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People say that pine trees are just trees. But I bet they have feelings. Here is a Christmas story like no other. Read this not that scary tale from a Japanese maple point of view.

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Tree Horror

A good time ago, in a forest of crimson trees. Seedlings sprouted from red maples. All around the yard, they lived and pollinated.

For years, they were all safe and sound. Until one day, a big storm came.​ All the red maples established their tree roots except for one.

The tiny little sapling fell on the ground, lying there.

A hurricane appears out of nowhere, and with no roots to hold the saping in place. Water rushes at the tiny sapling ripping it away from his family.

The sapling travels far away as the rain drags it along. The rain pushed it away from trees like himself. It shoves him for days on end. The rain never stops as the earth floods downhill.

The rain pushed him into the middle of a forest of massive pine trees. His roots took off as the rain stopped. The pines tower over him making him feel small.

He watches as the young saplings spout along with him. Unlike a lot of the other seedlings. He survives against all the odds of dying in the winter months.

Surviving the winter, a young tree takes its first breath. It is the only tree that is not a pine tree in the forest. He was a red maple. Alone in this forest with only pines. He makes tons of friends with the other sapling pines.

Things change as he watches as the older his friends become they grew into big, strong pines. He feels all alone, being the only tree of his kind. His friends are all tall. While he has short, thin branches. Nothing like how great his friends were. Their branches were full and thick.

Soon it all changed. His friends got greener and spikier. That was the danger of it all. People started noticing their long green spiky branches. The strange pale things start to came into the forest. They came into the forest during the great frost. Feeling up with his friends, all the while he could do nothing.

While his friends grow big and green. His beauty stood there, shining through the forest. As the years passed, his leaves turned red, orange, and purple. Unlike the other trees, which people came to look at year after year, looking at their perfection. The pale things forget about him. They seem to want nothing to do with him. His bark becomes harder at their harsh treatment of them.

Year after year, the pale things pay no attention to him.

The pale things came during the leaf time.“This is my chance!” he thinks as he moves his branches to touch the light. His bright colors seem to shine throughout the forest. Yet they never look at him. “The forgotten tree they should call me.” he thinks, feeling bitter for himself.

As the years go by, the pale things came to look at his friend’s branches. He would make his leaves touch the sun. Red shines onto the forest floor. The humans take one look at him and huff. They move away from him. Looking at “The great pines.” He feels saddened that no one wanted him.

The years pass by the same way. Until one year as a mature tree. He did nothing; he gave up hope of ever noticing him. His branches hung low in his sadness.

Christmas time was coming. The weather was getting colder. He could feel himself freeze as the frost comes each day.

He could feel fear as the days go past him. Not only that, but he knew this year was going to be different.

With his friends being big, bushy pines. He felt like something bad was going to happen to them.

The great frost came. He shed his clothes and froze as the winter frost hit them all hard. While he froze, his friends seemed to shake out their branches. Feeling the icy breeze on them always felt freeing to them.

A day came with tons of snow on the ground. It was unlike any other day. He could feel it in his roots. As his roots froze so hard, he could not move. While he froze more, his friends looked so beautiful. With the snow on their heavy branches, they looked magnificent when the sun hit them justright.

That is when a strange sound came. “Rrrrrr rrrrrrr“ the sound comes closer. Almost like a herd of elephants is coming. He feels fear take a hold of him, and he knew something bad was going to happen.

Being frozen, he can do nothing. As he watches the humans tie orange strings to his friend’s trunks. His friends the pines seem to like it. As they buff up their branches, making them all look taller. They finish and leave. He knew in his roots that something bad was going to happen soon. If he could shake with his fear, he would.

The day started as a bright snowy day, but it would change…

The humans come back in a flurry of movement.They bring with them long tools like things.

Everything was going well. Even with the humans invading the forest.

It changes as the weather turnes dark. Almost as if the earth was giving a warning to them all. “A warning of what?“ He wondered. Not that he could do much with everything frozen.

It was going alright until the humans pulled the long tools. A “ggggg“ sound comes to life.

“Is the tool alive?“He wonders in his head. The sound almost sounds like a human. He feels fear go through his branches. If he could move, he would run away and protect his friends. He always knew the pale things had an unhealthy relationship with his friends.

The “gggggg“ sound comes closer and closer. Too close for their comfort. Before too long, He hears their blood-curling screams.

He can do nothing but watch as the tool. Came down upon the pine tree, cutting down their branches. Their screams are so loud. If he had hands, he would cover them over his roots.

The screams haunt him. As he watches his friends get murdered in front of his very eyes. Their pieces flies and hit his dead branches. Sticking to him with the blood of his friends.

He feels horrified at what he saw. After his friends bleed to death. His friends’ blood is all over the humans. After they murdered them, they take off some of their arms. They then drag them away as if they were not alive. Gone are his friends. Murdered before his very own eyes.

Before, he was happy. Christmas was a time to be joyous. Yet his bark becomes sad. He was all alone. His bark makes him look horrified. Hearing their screams were haunting.

In, a forest all alone he sits feeling dead. Never want to see another human. His tears go down his bark, making him seem even more in pain.

If he could, he would scream from all the pain and torment.

Spring came, yet all his vibrant colors disappeared. He was never the same again. His bark remains bleak in his misery, never the same again. All alone forever. That day changed his life forever.

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Aqua midnight Hello World, I am Aqua Midnight and if you read my book the burning phoniex you will see where I got my pen name from. Ok here's, what I write: poetry, erotic. And Fantasy. Really I will try any genera. I tried horror I am not very good with it.


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