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The clown and the little girl

Once,in a time unknown today there was a little girl.

She was no more than five years old.

The little girl was averyhappy and curious child.

But,she had a fear of clowns.She just couldn’t trust them,with their painted faces and funny costumes.It seemed…wrong.

One day,her family had to move away.

When they reached their house,the little girl was distraught.Why did they have to move from their home? It wasn’t fair!

She ran to her new room,crying.

Then,she heard it.A softpitter patterbehind her closet.

The little girl wiped her tears and opened the door..

…She was too frightened to scream.

Standing before was…was…was….

…a clown!

“W-What?” She asked,backing away from her door.

“It’s okay.I won’t hurt you.” He said.

“H-H-How d-d-did y-y-o-o-u g-g-get h-h-e-r-r-e?” She stuttered,about to run for her life.

“I’m dead,little one.I’m a ghost.This was my house.” He said sadly.

“Prove it!” She shrieked,pointing a finger at him.

“Prove it?” He asked.The clown seemed to be amused.

“Yes.What if you’re some weird guy who is hiding in my room and you’re not a ghost?” She asked.

“Fair point.” He said.

The clown placed his hand on the closet door wall.It went right through the wall.

Just to be sure,the little girl tried to touch his arm,but she only got air.

“Okay,maybe you are a ghost.But why are you a scary clown?” She asked.

“Scary.That must be what you kids think of me now.” He said.

“I wasn’t always scary.I was…funny.Yeah,that’s what I was.Funny.I…was performing as a clown in my life..I had a daughter.She was like you,little one.” He said.

Now,the little girl wasn’t so scared anymore.She was interested.

“Want me to continue?” He asked.

She nodded.

“I had a little girl once.But…” He couldn’t seem to finish his sentence.

“But what?” The child asked.

“She..she was very sick.” The clown told her.

“Sick? I’ve gotten sick before,but my parents were always there to help me.I’m sure it was no big deal.” She said.

“No,not sick as in a small cold or a headache that only lasts a day,sick as in…deathly.The sickness was so bad,it could kill someone.” He said with sadness in his voice.

“But she lived,right?” The girl asked.

The clown said nothing.

“Right?” She asked.

“My child,I wish I could say yes.She’s in Heaven now.” He said.

The little girl almost cried from hearing that sad story,but then she asked:

“What happened to you?”

“Hm..I..died in my carnival while performing.No one seemed to care after I died.It’s fine.I live here now.” The clown finished his story.

She wished she could hug him right now.She didn’t like it when people were sad! She wanted to help…

“Don’t be sad.It’s okay.” She said.

He smiled.

“Thanks,kiddo.I hope you remember that when you’re sad,you can always talk to me.I’ll come right when you’re feeling down.” He said.

“Same thing goes for you.We friends have to stick together,you know.” She said.

He disappeared into thin air.

The little girl knew it in her heart,she didn’t know how,but she knew in her heart that he was in a better place now.Maybe he was with his daughter..

From that day on,she wasn’t scared of clowns anymore.Maybe,they just needed some love…

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