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Sally is a simple girl in the prime of life and lives only with her mother and her hobby is reading ! * One day she and her mother decide to move to Chicago and there she meets the love of her life.

Любовные романы Романтическое ожидание Всех возростов.

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Just myself

Hi I'm Sally and this is my story , I am a simple girl from USA and I live in Indiana , I only live with my mother, Actually I'm an adopted girl , This woman who raised me was the best mother in the world , She gave me all the love, affection and attention , People and my high school friends made fun of me because my mom was brown and I was white , but I never cared what they said, she was everything to me , My hobby is reading books and novels.

*High school is over, and my mom and I decided to move to Chicago this summer.

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