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Hi. Raven Mcbride here! I am a Roblox user. One of my favorite games is the game, Nightmares. Basically, you're trapped in a mansion and every night (aka- every 30 seconds XD) you have a different "nightmare". BUT, there are some secret passages in the manor where you find some sort of explanation for why you are trapped there.

That is what this book is. It is a horror book, roughly based off of that game. There are different nightmares, more back story, actual characters, and some changed names. If I use any real names or describe any real people that is purely coincidental, so please don't sue me. I do use the same names as some of the interactions such as: the Raffle man, Rosa, Ana, and others. Hope you enjoy this book!!!

Yours truly,

Raven Mcbride

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