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Cast #1


Sarah - She is kind and loves to go to the park with her quartet. Eliza, her best friend, is always there for her. Eliza and Sarah spend a lot of time together. Sarah, who is 17 years old, dreams of having a boyfriend.


Eliza - Even though Sarah has her quartet and Eliza isn't in it, Eliza is Sarah's best friend. Eliza loves reading and studying, she always gets A-grades. Since she is 17 years old, Eliza does not want to rush things because they will happen when the time is right.


Amber - This girl is mean and cruel. She is the leader of the quartet, she is irresponsible, and she has no concern for the future. There is nothing pleasant about her. She's just 18 years old and already has a reputation for doing awful things.


Izzy e Emma - In addition to being in the quartet, they have been best friends since they were four. While they are fun, they are controlled by Amber and only do as she orders. Izzy is 16 while Emma is 17.


Justin - Sarah's younger brother, he's kind, lovely, and funny. Having 1000 subscribers on YouTube, he is fifteen years old. He creates content for the web.

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Прочтите следующую главу Amblugh 😂


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