Elizabeth Kimbrough

A unexpected way for Julia to celebrate her 18th birthday.Read all about her birthday party at a house she doesn't know all that well.

Саспенс Всех возростов.

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The arrival

"MR.PHILIP!!!"Yelled a short, old looking man,looking shocked,he was wearing a long brown coat,phillip replied, "Yes,Yes,what is it this time Stanly?"Stanly look very pleased as he said,"I have found a winner!","HAZZAH!" shouted Philip,then paused and asked"when will they arrive?"Stanly spun around on his heels the minute the doorbell rang,he walked to the door as he replied"I would say,about now!"They both grinned from ear to ear as they opened the door.The guests have arrived...

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EK Elizabeth Kimbrough
Please don't jude me anybody,I have never written a book before

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