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There are no words when your parents die. The Quinn sisters have lost much but not each other. As Scarlet, Sapphire and Sophia are continuously being chased by a crazed relative they try to find out who really killed there parents. I hate when people spoil books but this one doesn’t have a happy ending. This book was inspired by A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

Драма 13+.
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A Tragedy

We all want to be apart of a happy family. When we are apart of a family pur family will always love us and we will always love them. The Quinn sisters used to be in a loving family until one sad day.

My name is Annabelle Peter's. I was tasked with the displeasure of investigating the Quinn sisters. It's not a displeasure because of how they act, it's only a displeasure because of their horrific experiences.

The Quinn sisters used to live in a huge house with rich but kind parents. They loved their parents more than anything. Their lives used to be normal. They would usually spend the day together while their parents were at work on the week days and hang out with their parents at night. On weekends the sisters would play in the garden and spend most of the day with their parents. We all love weekends, but after the tragedy the Quinn sisters hated weekends and always wished it happened on a week day so no one had gotten hurt.

The Quinn sisters were Scarlet who was 14 and the oldest, Sapphire the middle child who was 12 and Sophia the youngest who was 5. On one sunny Saturday the girls decided to help their parents in the garden instead of just playing. The girls usually dressed in dresses and flats. Scarlet usually wore a pink dress with black flats and white socks. Sapphire wore a light blue dress with teh same flats and socks like Scarlet. Sophia wore a light purple dress with the same shoes and socks.

"Scarlet dear can you hand me that shovel?" Their mother asked. Scarlet handed her mother the shovel. Her mother kissed her on her forehead before Scarlet went to help her father.

Scarlet walked over to the front driveway where her dad and sisters were unloading his truck which was filled with groceries. "Need help?" She asked. Her father handed her a bag full of different spices. "I hope we have meat to go with this stuff." Scarlet said as she pulled out a spice container. "Don't worry, we have meat, pasta and vegetables." Her dad reassured her. She followed her sisters inside and set the bags on the counter. "I know exactly what to make." Scarlet told her sisters. Sophia jumped up in excitement. "Come on let's help dad with the rest of the groceries." Sapphie suggested before heading out the front door with her sisters following her.

Later that night Scarlet cooked dinner. Each sister had a special talent. Scarlet made better meals then any other cook in the world. Sapphire is the artist who makes all the famous writers work look like a baby did it. Sophia is the best writer who likes to turn her life experiences into books. She always carries around a typewriter no matter where they were. Scarlet started chopping vegetables and cutting the meat while the rest of the family was watching the TV. Scarlet took a picture of them before she continued to cook. She finished the meal and showed it to her parents. She hadn't turned off the burner since she was cooking sauce. That mistake would cost her dearly. Before she did her parents noticed something out the window but Scarlet didn't think much of it. She regretted that for the rest of her life.

All of the sudden a fire started on the oven. Scarlet junped around in shock. Her parents rush to the kitchen and tried to put out the fire. Their attemps did nothing, the fire just grew stronger. Their dad rushed upstairs and came back down with a black back pack. He through it to Scarlet who barley caught it. "Take care of your sisters." Her dad ordered before kissing and hugging each of them. Their mom came from the kitchen and said, "We love you" before she hugged them and kissed them. "Go Now!" Their dad ordered more sternly. Scarlet didn't know what happened but she pushed her sisters out the door but not before grabbing a family photo. She rushed out the house and got across the street.

Scarlet kept her sisters behind her and out of reach of the flames. She hurriedly diled 911 on her phone. She told the fire men their adress and the fire men reassured her that they will be there soon before they hung up. Scarlet and her sisters watched for their parents but no one came out. Then the house exploded with their parent still inside. All their faces dropped and filled with tears. Scarlet dropped the back pack on the road in sadness and in shock. She looked at the family portrait that she had taken and watched as tears fell on the glass. Scarlet thought that she should've turned off the burner. This tragedy was her fault.

They all looked at each other in grief. The sound drowned out. Then they heard sirens. A nice looking lady came out of a car. Scarlet had imagined that she was their mother but instead it was a middle aged woman with chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a warm smile on her face and wrapped her arms around the sisters. "I'm so sorry." She said in sympathy. "At leats you have eachother." She reassured them. "I'm Amanda Jone." She introduced. "I work with the adoption agency." She explained. "I'm Scarlet and these are my sister Sapphire and Sophia." Scarlet struggled to say. Amanda then lead the sisters to her car. She opened the door and the sisters scrambled in. They all looked at eachother in sadness before holding each others hands. As they drove away Scarlet looked back at their house. She saw an image of her and her sisters playing in the streets with their parents. As the vision faded away Scarlet looked at Sapphire who knew exactly what she was thinking. Their normal life was over. Their parents were gone.

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