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This is a story about a 10 year old girl with a bald head. It's for every little girl out there living with cancer . 💜

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On one beautiful morning , a beautiful baby girl was born , Amaliáh . Her mother , Eleanor , looked at her and said : I'll do everything in my power to protect you and make you happy. "

Amaliáh has an older sister ,Alice ,who loves her dearly. Amaliáh wasn't born into a rich family and lives in a small house,but Eleanor made sure that Amaliáh and Alice has everything they need .Baby Amaliáh started crawling , and from there she took her first steps. Amaliáh was born with a bald head , which Eleanor thought was normal . At the age of 2 , her head was still bald , worrying Eleanor. Alice told her mother to worry , to be patient , her hair will grow.

At the age of 5 , Amaliáh looked at Alice doing her hair , wishing that she also had hair.

" Don't worry honey , your hair will grow" said her mother. Eleanor decided to take Amaliáh to the doctor . The doctor ran a couple of tests , but couldn't find anything wrong.

At the age of six , it was time for Amaliáh to start school. She was excited to make new friends and learn new things. On the first day of school , the bus was late so she arrived a few minutes later. When Amaliáh entered the classroom, everyone started to laugh at her. She ran away , saying that she'll never go back. " I hate school " she said.

" Honey , you don't need hair to be beautiful. You're perfect just the way you are ."

Amaliáh is now 10 years old , doing fifth grade. It wasn't easy because she gets bad words coming her way , but she pushed through. Eleanor works two jobs , so Amaliáh and Alice are home alotmost of the time.Alice decided to tell Amaliáh a story :" Once upon a time , there was a beautiful Emerald Kingdom , ruled by Queen Isabel, but then something happened. The evil witch Anwa , who is allergic to emeralds , turned the queen into a statue . The witch covered the kingdom with long, large trees , turning it into a forest. It is said that whoever can make it through the forest , find the secret door and throw a piece of emerald into the mouth of the witch , shall be rewarded . Many people tried , but no one succeeded. "

Eleanor received a phone call saying that Amaliáh never arrived at school . She thought that her daughter has been kidnapped. That morning , Amaliáh ran away from school to embark on her journey to the Emerald Kingdom. It wasn't easy , but that didn't stop her. She made it to the forest , but when she entered , it was dark, there was no light , no happiness, the same way she feels . She has a low self-esteem because she doesn't have hair like other girls.

She walked and walked , and stumbled into a trap. She took her school scissors and cut herself loose . She gathered a pile of leaves and used it as a pillow. The following morning , she took a long stick and sharpened it with her scissors. It took a while , the scissors gave her a cut on her left hand.That afternoon , a bee stung her on her right hand . She kept on walking , until she tripped over a branch. She fell into a pile of mud and hurt her foot and ended up with a few bruises in the process. That only slowed her down , but it didn't stop her. She decided to rest and continue the following morning.

Her dress was full of mud , she had a swollen hand from the bee that stung her , she has a cut on the other hand which she covered with a piece of her dress , she hurt her foot and has bruises , but she's stronger than it all.

Amaliáh walked into something.She removed the branches , and there it was , the secret door . The door opened , and the witch just stood there , with a long sword. And also the statue of the queen . The witch thought that she is stronger . Amaliáh fell down a few times but everytime she got back up even stronger. Giving up is never an option. She took one big swing , and knocked the sword out of the witch's hand , breaking her stick . The witch screamed out of frustration and anger . Amaliáh took the opportunity and threw a piece of emerald in her mouth , she vanished.

In the meantime , Eleanor and the other villagers went to the forest in search of Amaliáh. The big trees , the darkness , everything covering the kingdom , faded away. Amaliáh gave the statue a hug and shed a tear. Queen Isabel turned back into human form . Eleanor , Alice and the villagers arrived , and there it was , The Emerald Kingdom. Amaliáh is now princes of the Emerald Kingdom. Princess Amaliáh of The Emerald Kingdom.

*I wrote this story with a purpose. This is for every little girl out there living with cancer.I want you to know , you are Beautiful, you are a Gem , you are a Princess and most importantly , You are Loved.*

~ Tarynne Martinique ❤️

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