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Sometimes we thought we can go with the flow, but in the end we always, it's only us without the/a flow. Then we made it at last.

Поэзия Всех возростов.

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Lonely Land

No one knows how heavy my tears,

No one knows what are my fears,

No one knows what my heart bears.

No one would try to understand,

Here in the crowd I stand,

Waiting my heart to sink like a sand.

And here I am waiting for the touch,

I'm now falling, waiting for you to catch,

I'm waiting, waiting so much.

And then you stretch your hand,

In my front you stand,

And wake up in a lonely land.

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Solitude She SHE loves writing her thoughts through scratch or neat papers using fine liquid called 'pen' and often SHE uses a solid dust color grey. And ends every literature SHE wrote with one dot. -CLP19 🎀 🚫 AVOID PLAGIARISM 🚫


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