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Ever since Thomas and Cain have grown up and left the ol’ ghost house,Samara has been incredibly lonely. She didn’t go to Heaven! She’s still in the house. But she’s not alone.. …This will show the adventures of Samara Robinson and many other ghosts!

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Chapter One

In a dark,nearly forgotten house,was a little ghost girl named Samara Robinson.Little Samara was a mischievous little ghost who was only four years old.

At least,she appeared to humans as mischievous.

She only wanted to have a little fun with them,not scare them away.Never scare them away.

There was a family who lived here,one of them was a teenage vampire.His name was Cain.

She recalled him inviting his boyfriend,Thomas over for Halloween,because Thomas wanted to be with him and not celebrate Halloween.Thomas had powers to speak to the supernatural.He thought that he sent Samara to Heaven,to be with her family.He thought that the blue portal was a way to Heaven.

Silly Thomas! That portal didn’t do anything! It just sent her to the attic,where her Mom was! It must have been a very long time since he used his powers.At least he tried! It wasn’t his fault he didn’t know she was already with her family.

Boy,it sure was fun teasing those two.

They weren’t there anymore.Their families moved away.

She only had her Mom.But her Mom never came out of the attic.She always locked herself in it,crying.

Her Mom was a dark figure,with white eyes,white claws and white wings.Blood dripped out of her eyes.

Her Mom looked like a monster.

It broke the little girl’s heart that her mother was like that.

She remembered that after they died,her Mom vowed to haunt the person who killed them for the rest of their days.

Decades have passed and that person is dead now.Ever since then,she’s found nothing to do but hide and cry.

Suddenly,Samara heard a knock at the door,interrupting her tide of thoughts.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be nine pictures.The last two will show Myra (Samara's Mom) and Samara as ghosts/demons.There will be wounds on them from their deaths).

Samara (alive):

Myra (Samara's Mom) (alive):

Diana (Myra & Samara's killer):

Cain (teen):

Thomas (teen):

Thomas (adult):

Cain (adult):

Samara (ghost):

Myra (demon):

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