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Blooming inside

I'm growing inside, the flowers, that are blooming inside

of me, I'm growing by your love, you have planted the seeds,

for the flowers that are blooming, and there will be always new

seeds, planted by you and feeded by your love. I felted so enlightened,

to have someone like you, my hiart is like a flower, my heart that beats

for you.

My soul is painted by a heavenly painter, with colors so beautiful you

can never imagine, it are the same colors that are in your soul, with the

same brightness in it and the same patterns. I'm the bird and you gived

me the wings and the strenght, to fly where I wanted to.

You say that I

give you the feeling that you are special, but that's exactly what you are,

you are so special for me, one of a kind. Two lost souls who must meet

eatch other, we samw the other and we recordnized something in each other.

You ae the one who feed me, make me feel blooming inside.

I'm the one that makes you feel special, give you the confidence that

you needed, together we are one. Two lost souls who find eatch other,

and lifted the other one up, thank you darling, for let it blooming inside of me,

it's with you who I wanted to be.

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