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Chapter #1

"Open your eyes for me, just ones" That's what this guy in my dreams keeps telling me. Like if someone will ever fall in love with me. I'm just an avarage girl in middle school and my days are the same, wishing something intresting will happen but not actually looking for it. So it's 6:30 am and i'm getting ready for school. I don't actually care about my outfit so I just wear the same hoodie all week. My life is a mess, but i'm confortable with the problems I have so i'm not planning on making things better, I am just scare of a change. I would rather keep it this way until I actually have the energy to improve it. My name is Regina and i've been hanging out with the same 3 friends all year. Everything is going as usual just going to school, then back to my house, take a short nap, do nothing on my phone, and go back to bed. I thought middle school would be like this until I found him. He was just sitting outside at dismisal looking at me. I had no idea who he really was although he looked like the guy from my dreams I ignored it completely. Days pass and I kept thinking about him. Why would anyone all of the sudden stare at me like that? Did he find me hot? I mean I sure am but not enough for anyone to say that. I was thinking about it all day cause no one ever gave me atencion so I had enough with a look to fall in love. So I decided to sit next to him discreetly at dismisal. We started to talk and became best friends. Everyone said I only ever talk about him and that I was falling in love. FALLING IN LOVE?! That is a crazy thing to think. I mean how could I possibly fall in love with someone so... new to my life.

He is a nice guy, not the dream guy but an average one. He talked to me often and gave me warm smiles. It looked like if he was trying to make me fall for him, but I am not making that mistake again. I just fall in love so easily it ruins it all. If I wanted a good relationship with a boy I am NOT falling in love with him ever. Well that's what I thought until I did, I fell for him. He was just the perfect guy and I have just met him. I didn't even knew what his favorite songs where and I was wishing he had fallen for me too.

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