Joshua Gesualdo

Book is about but four people that go into outer space and find many different things explore different things and just have an amazing time and an encounter many different challenges

Приключения 18+.

#life #Adventure #of #inkspiredstory
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The my new beginning

To day is the big day I move out of my parent's house ok are u Jeff yes I am why u ask you and 3 other people have been drafted into to go to other space. Ok ???

So why was i drafted i did not sign up for this ok tell me who ordered this the US president JOHN wick ok let's go see him ok Mr wick hi what do u want ii tried to stop him from barging in ok so u sent me others to outer space ok why I believe there is a place be yours the wildest imagination and no you're not on the acid trip, so I sending you Jen, Meagan, and Oliver on he knows black magic ok he brought my cousin back to life ok, so I owe him ok, ok let's ok now the shuttle leaves in 4 hours ok so pack your things and get the shuttle of your not on it at 6:36 tonight I will throw your sorry ass in jail or kill u my self for treason ok got it good ok now get packing ok it's its 6;35 he said 6:6 or he would

Kill us so ok hi Mr wick go see u good to see you to know this is your last time any last words befor we send you on adventure no you Meagan no any words Jen no oliver any words thanks for being Mr wick no thank you for being my cousin back to life no problem any time Mr wick call me john ok "ok john " a lond count down beings in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off ...

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