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Celestria is tired of being just an angel in Heaven.She wants to explore the world,specifically Hell.What’s it like down there? But her older sister Evangeline won’t let her have it.She wants her to be God’s next messenger angel,delivering prayers to the Heavens. What happens when Draven,a lonely demon…falls in love with her?

Любовные романы Романтическое ожидание 13+.

#romance #paranormal #suspense #love #demon #Angel #inkspiredstory #defy #chooseyourdestiny
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Chapter One

Once upon a time,there was a beautiful angel,who had long red hair and black inky eyes.Her name was Celestria and she was an angel from Heaven.She was only sixteen years old.She had an older and strict sister named Evangeline.Celestria had an ideal life.

But it wasn't the life she wanted.

Every year,when an angel turned sixteen,there was a ceremony.A ceremony where an angel had the chance to become God's messenger angel.The angel would send messages to God from Earth.The messages would be Prayers.Pretty boring,right? If an angel didn't get chosen in a ceremony,they would do janitor work and clean the halls of Heaven.(How else can Heaven get clean?)

Evangeline was God's messenger angel and she believed that It was Celestria's turn now too.

"Celestria,fix your hair.You have to look nice if you want to get chosen." She said.She rolled her eyes.

Being an angel was boring.

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