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Ever since Jasmine King was still a little girl. Her mother always put her and her little sister Hannah sat on a chair and started to talk with them about sexual relationships. She told them to keep their virginity for the right person and always put their studies as their priority. So that they can have a bright future and careers. But Jasmine instead of listening to her mum and trying to follow her advice. She preferred to run with her life and fell in love at such young age. Because of her stubbornness and disobedience, she ended up pregnant at only fourteen years old. But, it was one single mistake, and her story began back in High School. ©copyright 2022 by Milla All Rights Reserved

Любовные романы 13+. © ©copyright 2022 by Milla All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 01

After a long holiday. Jasminewas delighted to go back to school. But, it was a very special day for her. Because it was her first day in High School.

She was extremely happy and excited, that she was going to a bigger school. But, she was also feeling sad at the same time. Because his father Henry was working on that day and he was not able to see her and her little sister Hannah attend school.

(Henry is an aircraft pilot and her mother Enma is a Neurologist.)

Anyway, Emma decided to take her girls to school that day. Before she goes to work.

But first, she had to go to Middle School. Because Hannah was twelve years old at that time and she was still in middle school.

After Emma dropped Hannah at school. She drove to High School and it took her only thirty minutes to drive.

She parked the car beside the sidewalk and said, "This it. Are you ready to go?"

Jasmine looked at all those big kids walking around the school. She started to feel anxious. But, she nodded her head slowly and gave her mother a slight smile.

Emma put her hand on her left shoulder and asked, "Why the long face? Do you want me to walk with you inside?"

Jasmine chuckled and said, "Mum, I'm not a kid anymore."

Emma rolled her eyes and said, "You might think you are a big girl. But for me, you will always be my baby girl. Anyway pumpkin, you should get going. I don't want you to be late on your first day of school and I don't want to be late for work."

"Ok, mum. Bye-bye."

"Bye-bye honey. Have a great day."

"Thank you, mum, you too" and she stepped out of the car. She waved her mother goodbye as she was leaving the school and she stood at the entrance to the school and wait for her best friend Kiara to arrive.

A few minutes after her mother leaves her school to go to work. Kiara arrived at school.

The girls were extremely happy to see each other, after that long holiday. They hugged each other tightly and they walked inside the school.

Their first day of school went super great. Everyone treated them very nicely and they made a lot of new friends.

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