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His new Boyfriend

Harry and I have been best friends since we were about two years old and now we are nineteen we´ve gone through a lot together he had to move in with my family when he was twelve because his family wouldn't accept the fact that he is gay. While we were driving I decided to tell Harry how I feel about him, but my only problem was that his new boyfriend Zayn is also in the car I was in the back on my phone while Zayn drove so I texted Harry instead.

LT: Hey Harry

HS: Yeah?

LT: I like you

---End of messages---

As soon as I sent the text I asked Zayn to pull over he did and I ran out they tried to run after me but I was too fast so they got in the car and drove after me soon I was able to lose them and I ran into someone and we both fell over I got up and tried to help the boy up and he was a beautiful blued eyed, beach blonde who looked about my age.

LT: Sorry Mate.

NH: No, it's fine mate I wasn't looking at where I was going, Im distracted right now.

LT: What's on your mind?

NH: I don't want to take up your time. I´m Niall by the way

LT: Im Louis, It's fine I have nothing to do.

NH: Well... Okay

LT: Let's sit down though.

Both boys sat down and talked about what was on Niall´s mind. Then he mentioned his boyfriend was cheating on him.

LT: What´s your boyfriend's name maybe I know him.

NH: umm... Zayn Malik

My heart immediately stopped.

LT: Wait your boyfriend is cheating on you he is dating my best friend Harry

NH: Wait What

LT: You know what maybe I can help you get back at him for what he´s doing to you and my friend. he might not want to be my friend anymore

NH: you would do that? Even though we just met?

LT: Sure anything to help a new friend.

NH: Okay well would you like to plan over some you seem a little tired right now I think you ran too much.

LT: Sure how about Starbucks.

NH: Yes.

Niall and I went to Starbucks and we were there for about an hour before Zayn and Harry entered the store and kissed each other Niall saw and asked me to kiss him to make Zayn a bit jealous. Zayn and Harry saw and walked over to us and tapped our shoulders Niall and I turned to them and acted surprised to see them in the store.

LT: Oh hey Harry what are you doing here I thought you two were going to the waterpark.

HS: Umm we were before you jumped out of the car.

ZM: Niall what are you doing here.

NH: Having coffee. And is this your new boyfriend?

HS: Yes I am what's it to you?

NH: Well I´m his ex Niall

LT: AND IM HIS NEW BOYFRIEND..... SORRY, MATE. Come on Ni let's go to the park.

NH; Yeah sure Bye Zayn it was nice to meet you, Harry.

Niall and I went to the park and he cried in my arms when a man stopped by us.

GH: Niall are you okay?

NH: No, Oh Greg this is my friend Louis. Louis this is my older brother Greg.

LT: Nice to meet you, Greg.

GH: Nice to meet you, Louis. Ni are you sure he´s just your friend you two seem like more than that.

I felt my face heat up and I blushed at the comment.

NH: He´s helping me because Zayn cheated on me with his best friend. And they ran into us at Starbucks they kissed so to get back at Zayn I kissed Louis but that was it.

GH: Wait Zayn did what?! I told him if he ever hurt you I would--

NH: It's fine Greg I knew he was doing it this has been going on for a year.

LT: Maybe to cheer you up a bit how about we go get some ice cream or some donuts.

NH: I´d actually like that. I don´t have any money though.

LT: It´s alright I will pay for you after all you are going through you deserve something sweet.

GH: Alright you two have fun on your date.

Niall and I laughed and just to get Greg away a Pecked Niall´s cheek and he did the same to me. He and I walked to the local bakery.

LT: What would you like Ni?

NH: I would love a cherry danish and a coffee with two creams and four sugars.

LT: Anything else?

NH: yeah and a chocolate donut with vanilla sprinkles.

LT: Alright I will be right back

I went up to the counter and saw that Harry was on his shift I felt a deep sink in my stomach but I just took a breath.

LT: Oi. what´s taking so long?

Harry turned and saw me.

HS: Your usual?

LT: Yes and can I add a large cherry danish, a Medium coffee with two creams and four sugars, and a chocolate donut with vanilla sprinkles?

HS: That´s a lot you trying to gain some weight?

LT: It´s not for me It´s for the boy your boyfriend cheated on.

HS: That Niall kid?

LT: Exactly

HS: First, Why did you jump out of the car this morning?

LT: Just get me my food, please.

I turned around and Niall hugged me. And then he whispered in my ear that we could be more than friends and I said yes because I already developed a crush on him even if we only met about five hours ago...

Wait till the next chapter, Fairwell Clowns

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