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As a new year of school starts, Scarlett Yvonne Grey has made more friends than she ever did in the past years combined. Scarlett's life seems to be going well, until girls from her school starts going missing and are even found dead. When the killer really comes, who do you trust?

Саспенс 13+.

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Chapter I | ??? - 1 June 2018

My knees land on the ground, rocks piercing it. Every part of me wanted to scream in pain. I look from her dead body to my cold, bloody hands. Water droplets land on our bodies. Slowly turning from tiny, harmless droplets to large, never-ending rainfall. The rain drenches every part of me, leaving me in the cold as I continue to stare at her remains. I thought suddenly struck me. My pursed lips turn into a wide grin. This story isn't over, yet.

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Прочтите следующую главу Chapter II | Scarlett - 13 August 2018


Nimphaven * Nimphaven *
I look forward to your next chapter >_<

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