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“I want to hide away from the secrets. And for those I already know of, I want to disappear…” Elena Martinez is a 20-year old college student. She has a dream or a nightmare—like every normal person—but this one was different. She knew it. When she starts to see the dream come to life, she becomes scared. She meets an Angel, who tells her he wants to help her. And she lets him take her to the Land of Saints. A place far away from home and where all the secrets lie. She soon finds out she is from Angel and Demon decent. She falls in love with Trevor, some demon she met at a coffee shop. The Devil wants her dead and it doesn’t take her long to realise that he’s too powerful. She has to leave, to protect herself and her secret child. She had to leave her behind.

Фэнтези Городская фантазия Всех возростов.

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15 years ago

The Devil was boiling with rage when one of his guys told him what had happened.

“We couldn’t find the girl sire” the guy managed to say. He was completely terrified of what would happen next as he hadn’t done what he was told to do. The Devil wasn’t known to be the nicest. And for Demons, they had to follow his orders.

He looked back at him and said in a cold voice.

“Find the girl”

The demon then teleported to earth—where she was— in search for her. He knew what her father had done and he knew that he had to pay. What ever it took.

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