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Locke has been plagued by vivid dreams. Of adventures, battles, victories and losses. Of friends met. Of friends lost. Of shame and honor. And of the end of life as he knows it. Some might say these are nothing more than the fantasies of a hot blooded young man dreaming for an adventure. But when the events of his dreams begun to unfold, Locke was left to wonder. Are they just dreams? Or are they warnings of things to come? Locke will have to find out whether he liked to... Or not.

Приключения Всех возростов.

#action # #adventure #fantasy
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'Every story has to end.'

'Every journey must reach a destination.'

Let me ask you, what if there's no end? What if the destination you reached is to return at the beginning?

Some of you will say, Jackpot! 'I can redo the world the way I want it to be'

But is it really that easy?

He staggered and took a few deep breaths. But it wasn't enough. The oxygen in his lungs escaped faster than he can gather.

His throat, parched. His lips cracked and bleeding. Sweat bathe his whole body. His body shook uncontrollably.

If not for his black double edge sword planted on the ground, he'd long be lying on the dirt.

His dull eyes scanned his surroundings.

The desert may have been harsh, but it wasn't as brutal as this.

Black red blood watered the desert's sparse greens, red rocks and puddles down to the dirt.

Bodies littered the desert as if it was part of it's landscape. Those that are human and those that... used to be one.

His sight lingered on a wall of ice. High as the eyes can see. As if to enveloped the world.

But it wasn't solid.

Cracks had formed on it's once smooth surface. Some as light as cobwebs and some had tore open holes.

Hordes of hideous creatures emerged from those holes. The sky, land and at sea. It doesn't matter. They surged forth as if drawn to what little life remained on this side.

Men and women of different statures, ages and races met them head on. Trying to kill as much as they can. To fought for mankind's survival.

But try as they might, the tide of battle has not changed. The hordes had begun to overtook. Devouring everyone they can get their hands on.

The numbers on his side continued to dwindle. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the opposition. The number of the enemy continued to overwhelm them.

A seed of hopelessness sprouted in his heart.

Distracted in his despair, he failed to notice a shadow looming over him.

He came to his senses too late.

A huge snake covered in white fur quickly pierced it's bladed tail into him.

He tried to move. His mind told him what to do, but his body refused to listen.

His body is stiff and heavy. He knelt like a statue begrudgingly accepting his fate.

The promised pain did not come. He lifted his head. He found himself staring at a young woman who started back at him.

She's covered in dust, blood and sweat. Her high pale yellow braided ponytail swayed in the wind. An encouraging smile spread across her face.

"This ... ... t.. ...e to f...., .... . We ... ..r. to ..." She jest.

The ringing in his ears is too loud to hear her words.

She offered up her hand to him. He reached out. But soon felt something warm splashed on his face.

Her smile froze.

The glint of the sharp blade blinded his eyes. Dark red liquid slowly flowed down to it's edge.

Her face warped in terror and pain. Her eyes glazed like white pearl. Milky white tears pooled and gushed down like melted wax. Her skin cracked as if made in ceramic.

"So..y, .... ."

Her face twisted in horror. Her skin peeled like thick scabs. White hot flames burst out behind the scabs.

Screams of agony escaped her mouth.


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