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take good care of her

Krystian: Are you really going?

Josh: I have to go Krystian

Bailey: But what about Any?

Josh: take good care of her please

Noah:josh,you know how attached any is to you

Josh: I know man but I can't take her

Kristian: *sigh*,ok we take care of your girl

Josh:*smiles* thank you-

Any: take care of who?

Bailey: screw it, you'll have to tell

Any: tell what? Josh, tell what?

Josh: love, I need to tell you something -she nods- alone

The boys get the message and go up

Any: and then?

Josh: Baby, I'm going to have to go on a business trip to Germany

Any: when?

Josh: Today, I really wanted to take you little angel, but I can't

Any: how long are you gone 🥺?

Josh: 3 months

Any doesn't say anything just hugs him

Any: don't break up with me please

Josh: never in my life baby

They look at each other and kiss

Josh: The boys will take care of you, ok?


the boys come down

Krystian:don't be like that Moany

Bailey: he'll be back soon

Talk hugging her with Noah and Krystian

Josh: take good care of her

Noah:we will take care of her, relax

A few hours passed and they were at the airport, Any was crying

Josh was already gone

Noah: calm down, don't be like that, we can do skin care today!

Bailey: And eat strawberries with chocolate

Krystian: And do a lot of shopping!

Any gives a smile

Any: seriously??!

Boys: of course!

they go home

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