August Anderson

A Mercenary group, formed together by different species of the world, travel the world to discover the lost history of ages past, Kalomar the Paladin, Grimwald the Wizard, Naestra the Archer, Brombir the Axeman, Dil'mar the Lizardman, Gut the Ogre, Serene the Elf and Alyssa the Adventurer will face may foes, differing from the undead to the minions of the Dark Gods, to even trusted friends...

Фэнтези эпический 13+.

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The Rise of Warriors

"They thought death could save them..."said the creature."They thought it could end their Everlasting lives."."The Blood God wouldn't allow it!" he shouted. With the swing of an axe made of brass and iron, the creature cleaved his victims heads open."Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull throne!" he bellowed. An old man spoke and said, "This was during the End Times, when Daemons ruled over us, tortured us. And then... Sigmar Heldenhammer brought us our salvation." The old man read on, "He banished the Daemons and he founded this place we call home, The Empire.", "However, this does not mean the Daemons are lost forever, one of our kind, a man. The Gods of Chaos, that created the Daemons, granted him Daemonhood." the man whispered. "And he became the First of these foul creatures, the Daemon Princes, Be'lakor, we called him.", "Alright pay up, Kalomar.","Yes, Dorian.", groaned Kalomar.", "Thank you, Paladin.". "By Sigmar, I'm low on money. Why do I spend all of it on stories by scholars?",said Kalomar. Kalomar slowly walked back to his fellow Mercenaries. "In the name of Athel Loren, Kalomar! Stop blowing our reward money on these scholars.", "Yes, Naestra." said Kalomar in a low pitch.", "If he's going to spend our money on these tales, maybe we should find a more profitable job, something other than protecting merchant carts from Orc raiders." said Brombir. "Go ask around and find anyone that has a high paying job for us Kalomar.",said Naestra. "Grimwald and Dil'mar you too!" "Yes Naestra." Said the Lizardman and the Wizard. Kalomar slowly walked up the tavern's staircase, trying to find anyone with a job for him and the others, then he heard something from one rooms and saw a man being attacked by armed men. "Sh*t, a Paladin is here!!", said one of the men. "Well, kill him and take whatever he has in his pockets!", yelled the men's leader. Kalomar then unsheathed his sword and mercilessly started attacking the men. Kalomar slashed the throat of one, beheaded another one, and impaled their leader. "Thank you, Paladin. One of them escaped and took my dagger, without it, I can't protect my farm from goblin raids." said the man. "If you retrieve it, I'll pay you 25 silver.", "Me and my companions will get it back." exclaimed Kalomar. The Paladin quickly rushed downstairs and told his friends about the bandits. "25 silver?!", shouted Brombir. "What a scandal! Goblins are pathetic!", "Don't underestimate the goblins Brombir, they're cunning creatures that adapt quickly." Whispered Grimwald. The Group of Mercenaries ran out of the Tavern in search of the bandit, but on the road, they found the bandit with a group of Chaos Warriors. "By Hexoatl! The Forces of Chaos, here, now?!" Yelled Dil'mar. The night is about to get Bloody.

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