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Isabelle was married off to a man she didn't know because of her father's greed and was left to live with him for the rest of her life. Josh a striking young man who was the son of a mogul but had a reckless behavior was forced to get married so as to curtail his behavior. Isabelle hated her father for ruining her life and tried to avoid Josh but how long can she avoid fate...

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Hard times

Issy's father had been the CEO and founder of their country's leading 5star hotel. Her father had sunk their money in numerous money making schemes and dead end investments. Noone knew that Mr Burundi the founder of Classy BnB had hit rock bottom. Mr Burundi had a plan B but it was a selfish plan, he had heard of rich families marrying off their kids to more powerful and richer families. He had to act fast before everyone knew that what was keeping their business afloat was her daughters inheritance from her mother.

Breaking the news to his daughter wasn't going to be easy and he was sure she wouldn't be happy about his little plan. "Isabelle!" he called out to her, she didn't answer. Normally he'd have called Marissa their maid to do it for him but all the help had been let go because they couldn't afford them anymore. He knocked on her door impatiently but Issy was too busy listening to music on her head phones. He decided to barge in because his patience had worn thin. "Isabelle!" he shouted enough for her to hear through the blasting music.

"Dad what's up?" she asked casually as she removed her head phones. Issy's father was usually to busy to pay any attention to her and when he usually did notice her he would shout at her or give her her weekly allowance so as to 'buy her love'. She sort of preferred it that way because she hated her father's hot temper and dry humor. "What's up is that I've been calling you for the past 10 minutes while you had those bloody headphones on," he said while he had a frown on his face, "anyways pack all your clothes we are going on a little trip." Issy was surprised, her dad wasn't the getaway trip kind of guy and she herself was always cooped up in her room wallowing in her own loneliness. He walked out after slamming the door behind him. "Pack all your clothes, blah, blah, blah," said Issy to herself imitating her father's voice as she took out three large pink suit cases which would carry only half of her clothes.

"I wish Marissa was here," she said to herself as she stuffed her clothes in the suitcases not even bothering to fold them. Her father called out to her just in time, she struggled down the stairs with her suitcases that looked like they were about to burst open. She struggled putting them in the boot of their car. Mr Burundi had sold all his cars except for one, he truly had hit rock bottom, it was only a matter of time before the world knew that's why he had to act fast. They drove to the airport to board their private jet which he was going to sell the following week. She had been silent for a while until she plucked up the courage to ask where they were going but she was ignored. Issy eventually put her earphones in.

It had been a very short flight so they had to still be in their country. They got out and Mr Burundi drove to the destination that his daughter didn't know. They pulled up to a huge gate, he took out his phone, "we're here," he said to the person at the other end of the call. The gate opened and they drove down the driveway. The house was a huge mansion that was a little bit bigger than their own mansion but Issy couldn't have cared less. When they got out two maids came out of the house and took Issy's bags out of the car, "follow those two maids while I go finish business," said her father. Is this some sort of bed and breakfast, I didn't know that dad was into that sort of thing, she thought as she followed the two maids. They got to one of the bedrooms and told her to make herself at home, they kept calling her ma'am which irritated her a little because the two women looked to be the same age as her. They closed the door and left her to relax and unpack.

The two maids were having a hushed conversation by her door and she couldn't help but eavesdrop, so she got up and leaned against the door so as to hear better. "I thought the little brat would have so much more luggage," said one of them. "Yeah and what she's wearing doesn't scream new bride," said the other. "I know right. I bet she's one of those spoilt brats who get anything they want even my dear Josh," they said and scoffed while they walked away. Bride? she thought to herself, father is cruel but not that cruel, is he?

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