Kaitlyn Shabou

This is about a girl who visits her Uncle and cousin, and finds out animals talk in her Uncles store

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I couldn't look at my mom I just couldn't.

She told me, I had to go see my Uncle and cousin in New Jersey? I had to go by train and go away from Mother. As I went near the window in my seat, In the crowd, people were waving their children good bye, and hoped them for the best. Unlike my Mother, I saw her pushing in the oppisite direction on where I was. Like, she wanted me gone, but she actully loved me. I got my thought journal and got my pink pen. In there I wrote: I am never to be listened, or never to be heard, why trust in the good things, when all you get is bad? quote of the day, continuing from now on. I closed my journal and put down my pen. It was a long ride, and this has begin. In 10 hours the train finally blew the horn and stopped screeching from the rails. Screeeeeeeeeeech! We have arrived. I got off the train and looked around, I didn't see my Uncle at all. I knew I would be alone for a few minutes so I went to the park really close to the train station, and hopped on a bench. I took out my kitty stuffy and raised her to the sun. Then, I pushed her to my chest, and strapped her with my arms. As you can define, it was a hug. "It's gonna be okay, It's gonna be okay," I whispered to Melbourne and myself. Then, I heard a low man voice over me. "Are you okay? Are you Lucy?" It asked. I gasped quietly and stood up. Then, before I raised my head, I said yes. I raised my head then and look who I saw, It was my Uncle. "Hi Lucy, what are you doing in the park?" I looked down at my feet and put Melbourne back in my backpack. "Just went for a stroll," I said. My Uncle chuckled and took me by my hand, and we went to his shop/house.

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RS Rouba Shabou
I LIVE IT! I love it so much! Thank you!

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