Wasa Mada

A real life retelling of some really crazy events that My brother and myself have experienced and a rollercoaster of laughs to go with it, So crazy and unbelievable that you honestly will not believe can or would have happened, but believe me it did.

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Introduction of Chaos

The stories and memories you are about to embark on are 100% true, embarrassing, hilarious and mind blowing, the fact that these events actually happened and will leave you wondering, what in the actual fuck, they can't be real. Believe me, if I had not lived through and experienced it first hand I would not believe the total shit shows myself.

This is in no way a disrespectful act or my way of hurting the feelings of anyone involved, to be honest I have been tossing the idea of writing down my life events for quite some time, and each time I have verbally told a story to a friend or whoever listened, I have always been told "you need to write that shit". So here we are!

I hope you enjoy, please don't judge, life is different for us all and we all have our own stories or triumphs and lows, but that is what makes us each so different and special.

Enjoy the shit show!

This is in the works currently and I planned on using this as just a rough template to which I have bigger ideas on different mediums to move to. So bear with me, I need as much feedback from what's currently published to judge the style and direction to continue, yea I whipped it up quick with shitty pics, but I'd like to see if people want more and if there's a demand, I've always envisioned a cartoon series of this, but First I need to learn or pay for that to happen, hit me up at [email protected] if you wanna add some comments or tell me it's shit either way all is welcomed

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