Coffee brings communities together. I urge you to support local coffee shops. Share a cup of coffee with a loved one today.

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Coffee Talking

An organization known as The Tea Giver Project was founded in 2019. I’ve been a tea drinker for most of my life but it wasn’t until I got invested in coffee. While working on The Tea Giver Project I one day decided to try coffee.

I’ve always been a tea drinker and tea will always be my number one choice but coffee is something I instantly fell in love with. The aroma of coffee is the smell of a brand new day. A cup of coffee is a cup of energy and a great boost. Have you ever fallen in love with a beverage? In 2019 a few months in coffee became added to the mix of The Tea Giver Project.

Throughout The Tea Giver Project I’ve been able to help out thousands through gifts of tea. Those gifts also include coffee of all kinds. One day I walked into the coffee shop and bought an espresso for $5.00. That was when I knew little about coffee and how much this drink would become my daily life. So yes, even if you drink tea you may also find yourself falling in love with coffee. What are you waiting for? Today is the perfect day to fall in love with a new beverage. So get out and try something new today.

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