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The difference between the twins Mia and Ria is very easy to see. Nobody knows what will happen to them.

Экшн Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

Briefly introduce

Mia and Ria are twins.

You live with a family called Schneebauer.

The two were born on December 12th and 13th. born in between at 00:23.

But today you are 13 years old.

Both girls go to 3rd grade at Wallbach Middle School.

The big difference between Mia and Ria is very easy to see.

Mia is the good one and so called an angel.

But Ria, on the other hand, is a devil and wears black clothes like a goose star.

And Ria always has a 5 on every test and lab work.

In addition, she often had to detention because she was late for class or screwed up.

There's going to be a math homework tomorrow and, as always, Ria hasn't learned anything.

But Mia, on the other hand, was invited to a party but she refused because she wanted to repeat everything again to be on the safe side.

And now you clearly know the difference between Ria and Mia.

Today is the day.

The homework will take place in chemistry room in 30 minutes.

During the school area, the teachers have set up partition walls so that they cannot look at them.

Ria was too stupid again and rocked the chair backwards to look at the woman next to her.

But unfortunately she forgot that the person sitting next to her, Ava, hadn't studied either.

When the teachers noticed that Ria wanted to take a look, they called her parents.

Unfortunately for Rias, she didn't notice anything and looked again from the class door opened and Ria's parents walked in.

"Oh no, what should I do now"? Ria asked herself.

An idea occurred to her.

If we create 40 hearts, we will continue to write

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