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After the Fourth Shinobi World War, the world was flooded with peace. Maybe it's not so easy for a ninja to get used to the calm, especially being Rock Lee. Thinking about all the dilemmas our dear Gejimayu will face, why not create a “guide” to make everything easier?

Фанфикшн Аниме/Манга Всех возростов.

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Konohagakure's sky was prettier than usual, today it was being adorned by bright stars and occasional fireworks with their vibrant colors. The reason was simple: finally, it's the New Year festival.

Amidst the various stalls decorated with lanterns and flags, couples walked hand in hand, like Naruto and Hinata, and children ran having fun, like Konohamaru and his companions. There were also those who passed by admiring everything with a curious look, like Rock Lee, who was looking for someone.

— Hey! Lee! — and this was Guy-Sensei, waving both arms and one leg. He was in a higher place, so that even in his wheelchair he could see the spectacle in the sky.

— It's going to fall out of there... — Mitsashi's voice was unmistakable. — Lee, finally! — She smiled seeing her teammate approaching.

— Apologies for the delay! — He had run to the two of them, leaving many people confused about the figure that had passed them.

— There are still a few seconds left, what do you want for next year? — the smiling Tenten who asked.

— May the power of youth remain in the next generations making them bloom! — it was possible to see the flame emanating from Guy's eyes. — And you, Lee!?

— Well... I was going to wish the same thing, but I've been thinking and I finally mustered up the courage to decide on something extremely important for my future. — Lee's determined gaze was accompanied by a clenched fist in a 'heroically dramatic' pose.

— I expected no less from you, Lee! — Sensei was really looking forward to his pupil's response.

— Sasuke-san won me over in the fight for Sakura-san's love, Gaara-kun became Kazekage, Naruto-kun is striving to become the Hokage, Neji unfortunately is no longer here, I no longer have rivals to help me reach my goal, then… — He was still in the same pose.

— Then...? — now he received a much more serious look from Might Guy.

— What did you decide, Lee? — even Tenten looked at him seriously.

— Please be my rival, Tenten! That's my wish! — He spoke staring at his teammate with the same “youth flames” of his admired master emanating through his eyes.

— … — It took a few seconds for her to understand the request. — AND I WISH YOU HAVE DISCERNMENT! — The answer came out irritated as she turned away and crossed her arms.

— But Tenten! — Lee practically whimpered, staring at her friend with teary eyes.

— No! Already said no! — She was irritated.

— Oh! Started! — Guy points to the top, not caring about his students' discussion.

The sky was being flooded with colors and glows, all those fireworks at the same time were marking the turn of the year. It would be another year of peace due to the great alliance between the five nations.


Lesson number one: to have a rival, he must accept.



Sensei, kun, chan and san are Japanese honorific forms of treatment, representing respectively: teacher/specialist; informal pronoun usually masculine, informal pronoun usually feminine and/or for something cute, formal pronoun like “sir” and “madam”.

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