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What happens when agent McGee gets entangled with the young mafia lady in the world Ingrid Garcia when he is her number one suspect for the murder of Martin Eddie Smith, her ex...?

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"Babe! It's a misunderstanding!" He started as two bulky men strapped him to a chair. "She's nothing to me!" He tried to explain.

"It didn't seem like nothing to me. And after all, it wouldn't be the first time you cheat on me and only come back because I'm loaded..." she calmly said as she took a seat across him.

"You're going to lie about her being your sister this time?" She asked her eyes focused on the dagger in her hands. He gulped knowing that she had reached her limits.

"We can fix this... forget it ever happened and live normally like before... I won't cheat on you anymore!" He promised and a smile appeared on her face.

"I'm sure you won't do that again..." she said standing up. "He's all yours babies." She then left the room only to be accompanied by the screams of her ex boyfriend.

"Another one off the list."

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