Kaitlyn Shabou

A little girl Sally, will find out what happens at school, with rhymes and fun she will fight out. She can write it for her imagination test, or to find out why gum looks like brains, and so just to say, enjoy the story please/ plase

Ужасы Ужас зомби Всех возростов.

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Darkest night

Thump! Thump! Screeeeeeeeech! Sally was about to leave the school until she heard those noises. Pump! Screeeech! Ahhhhhhhh! She trampled to her feet. She knew she had to investigate, what happens at school when everyone is gone. She had an Idea in her mind. But, she would try. She tiptoed away from the front door, and went to her teachers classroom. She ran upstairs and in a closet. She tried holding her breath and not making any sudden movements. Then, a dark looking figure walked in fhe room groaning. It must have been a zombie. She didn't know. She was a little afraid, but she had to keep still. The figure kept groaning and spinning and knocking down everything.

it munched on gum, left over from the desks. I mean, gum looks like brains, when it is smashed up and Squished. Sally couldn't hold it in, she loved her brain, she had to fight. She grabbed the pointer with her hand until she felt a bite. "Ahhhhhhhh!" She screamed. The zombie was on her track! racing around the room she had no lack. She raced out the classroom and down the stairs, if she gived up, it would be fair. But she had to find out, what happens here? so,

She made a decision that would clacker her fear. She went to a stall, in the bathroom lock. She wrapped herself in toilet paper all soft and wet and pop! The zombies onto her again, with a fine looking friend. She moved to the right to get some light, it was as dark as night, and she needed her sight. She climbed up the toilet and two the top, she picked out pencils and shoot them off. The zombies dodged and dodged, but never gave up, it was time she took a stand even though she had a lump. She jumped on the zombies, and kept them still, it was almost to easy, until a skinny black figure was here. it roared and she faced the pencil at him. "Leave me alone! You are making me sin!"

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