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Aurora lives in a town known as Faerie Vale. She and the other children in the town have grown up hearing the legends and the rules. Legends of mischief and disappearances. Rules of what to do if you encounter one of the fair folk, one of the fae. None of the school children believe these fables that their parents tell them. None of them but Aurora. Aurora has met a faerie and gained a promise. A promise to make all of those who have bullied her through the years pay. But at what cost will her promise be granted? Will it be a cost she can pay?

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Welcome to Faerie Vale

Aurora Mae grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It was not known for much to the outside world, other than having a few kids disappear over the years. Kids that later, sometimes months later, turned up safe and sound in their beds.

Oh, the stories those kids could tell! Of course the adults never believed the stories, but they all felt a faint tingle of deja vu in the back of their mind when they heard them. A feeling which they promptly dismissed. Little people, creatures with twigs for hair, red eyeballs in the bushes! Nonsense!

Over the years the residents of Faerie Vale knew better than to share those stories, or the disappearances for that matter, with the outside world. Sometimes, though one could never be sure, some parents kind of liked the quiet when the kids were gone for a while. Oddly enough, whenever they did try to report a child missing, they couldn't seem to get their fingers to work the buttons on the phone or their tongues to come unstuck from the roof of their mouth. After a while, they just stopped trying. The kids always came back, so there was no point in telling anyway.

Well, that was until the year Aurora turned 16 years old. The year that the boy with the pointed ears and cheekbones that were just a little too sharp to be normal showed up. A dangerous boy who made a dangerous promise to her, and waited to gain one in return.

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Rose Bailey Rose Bailey
This is well-written and definitely pulls you into the story, making you want to know more.


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