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Nair, that was the name he received. Helion's daughter - the grain lord of the day court, she is also the only descendant of Lina, sister of Thesan. Nair had both blood and thus being hybrid skills. A reader as she had never seen and now, she discovers that the boy Lucien Vanserra actually is her brother. The future Grand Lady of the daytime court is not only extremely disgusted, she desires the blood from the grain Lord Autumn for everything that made her brother pass.

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Nair's starry eyes blazed with anger. Helion sighed feeling the enormous pressure surrounding his daughter.

"What happened?" He asked closing the book he was holding and placing it on his lap.

"Rhysand happened!"

The brunette smiled, accustomed to his daughter's temperament and the games she and the grand lord of the night court had played since childhood "Was the trip to the night court so much fun?"

"Not! That bastard didn't have that right.” Nair growled and Helion's eyes darkened.

"Nair, talk calmly about what exactly happened" her father's voice was no longer full of mockery and teasing, he spoke like a true grand lord.

"Rhysand hid something she had no right to hide from us" the princess replied and through clenched teeth muttered "Lucien Vanserra is her son and true heir to the day court."

Nair's words fell on Helion like an anvil. She didn't need to use her powers to know what he was thinking.


"Yes father. I'm sure.” With a sigh, she sent memories of Rhysand and Feyre into her mind upon hearing their story of their brief affair with the lady of the autumnal court.


"Yes, since that time"

Helion gulped "I helped him keep Feyre and Nyx safe...and he..."

“He let my brother suffer…” Nair concluded, his voice raised through the shadows that ran through his veins.

"What is the reason?" Helion questioned, trying – albeit almost unsuccessfully – to bring his thoughts to the rational side.

“His thoughts of him were…focused on other things,” Nair replied with mockery and contempt in his voice.

"Does he know... that you found out?"

"Yes. He saw in my eyes the contempt to discover what he hid from us"

Helion sighed, putting a hand to his face.

"The boy..."

"He lives with the human queen and Jurian in the mortal lands" Nair interrupted him, crossing his arms "he didn't feel welcome at the night court, even when his cauldron-destined partner resides there"

"And what do you intend to do?" Her father's question was fraught with caution.

"First? Bring my brother to his rightful place. He has too many scars to heal and a place where he truly belongs. Later? I will completely destroy every one of those burglaries that dared to touch him. Beron, Eris, Tamlin and I won't forget the Shadow Charmer.” The smile on Nair's lips was sadistic, laden with malice.

"Azriel?" Helion questioned her in surprise.

"He thinks he can kill my brother to be with his partner and he won't get away with it just so it stays in his thoughts"

Helion sighed with the laughter "I don't know who pulled this excessive protective sense"

Nair smiled as he walked over to his father and wrapped his arm around his hip "who will it be... daddy?" his eyes closed when Helion's lips touched his forehead.

“To your mother, indeed my sweet child,” the grand lord murmured with longing in his voice.

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Hell Dahmer Escritora com sérios problemas psicológicos. Apaixonada por personagens complexados, com traumas profundos, caráter duvidosos e propensão a sociopatia. c; Amante de BL's e vilões bem escritos. P.S. Não pago a terapia, mas te dou motivo pra precisar de uma, seja bem-vindo. Os lencinhos ficam na esquerda e o grupo de terapia são todas as quartas. P.S.² Venha de rosa.


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