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Isaiah M Morris Words

God Is One

God is one alone he. he has two partners Jesus his son and the Holy Ghost who he sends to confirm the truth and to establish justice and peace on Earth.

Jesus is not God and God is Not Jesus for they are two separate beings.

God dwells in Jesus as the spirit of God is in US it is also in Jesus.

God is one alone with his partners who all work together for one purpose to guide and strengthen all mankind on Earth.

the one God is able to do all things through his son Jesus Christ and his son Jesus Christ will then give it to the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost will then provide it unto us.

so many prophets teachers Messengers prophetess evangelist has all talked about Jesus and about his father almighty Elohim whose proper name is Jehovah or Yahweh.

we who are in The (UCBOJC) United Congregational Baptist Of Jesus Christ (Church Of Reality)Non - Denominational, Congregationalist Restoration Baptist(Church Of Reality).

do not believe in a trinity but we believe in a godhead.

We Believe that God the Father and the son and the Holy Ghost are three in spirit three in person. Amen!!!!

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