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Livia and Cole are middle school friend who become Boyfriend and girlfriend and last throughout high-school year into collage. They known each other for 5 years.

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Livia's Boyfriend

Hi I'm Livia im at my house with my friend Cole I have known Cole for 5 year We are in 8th grade in middle school we go to west valley middle school. I'm pretty sure Cole like me everyday he comes over after school we do any work we need to do from school every night he usually tell he want to go home. And he flirts with me sometimes I like it though because I have a crush but I don't 100 present know if he likes me so I don't want to ask him to date.

Hi I'm Cole and I' Livia's best friend I've asked her about this and I think she's starting too know if she hasn't mentioned that I like her she very pretty and has the most beautiful eyes I try to spend time with her throughout the 5 years of know each other I think I pretty well know her the best out of anyone else not to brag no one knows her better than me. At night every night when Livia take off her makeup and looks so cute I want to cuddle up in her arms and watch a movie. Although I probably never would be able too because Livia doesn't like me "That I know of" I have asked her to are school dance last year to dance with me "As cheesey as it sounds" It was after the fact I asked her. I feel like asking her to date me because we've been on so many friend date and we know so much about each other that we don't need to get to know each other. I've stayed the night at livia's before you'd think her mom would freak but since me and Livia have known each other from 3rd grade and have been at my house so much livia's Mom doesn't care if I spend the night at her house so I spend the night if I can not in a Boyfriend girlfriend way just as friend. "As much as her mom and my mom would want us to I do." This weekend we have friend plans to go to a car movie and I think im gonna ask her to date me. I'm hoping she'll say "Yes" but I feel like if she says "No" we won't be friend so Ihope we can take are friendship into a relationship. I really like Livia and it feels like we are dating but we can't do everything a couple would do if we were.

For the truth I think Cole likes me "I'm hoping" my bestie Casey tells me when Cole and his football team on are on the field when Casey is cheerleading Cole talks about Livia almost everyday my opion "that's pretty cute." Me and Cole are going to start working on so math to finish up from school so talk to you soon.

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Autumn Fredrickson Autumn Fredrickson
I'm sorry to anyone who was looking forward to a new chapter yesterday there will be 3 new chapters 11/24/21!

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