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True experience in a place I lived with a whole homeless community. We all have had ghostly experiences .and I will tell about them now

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Deciding to stop

Flip a coin! Joe was brilliant in the deciding where we would go.We were supposed to stop in Knoxville.We had the option of following our tickets or being bold and getting off in Nashville.Joe is my one and only person in my life I'm sure of it .He is my boyfriend but in our eyes we are married.He calls me his wife and I tell people he is my husband.We have no children.Joe said he can't bring a child into the world the way it is.We were traveling from Louisiana.We were homeless and hungry.The homeless problem in Louisiana was growing and they were giving free tickets to any homeless person who had family in another state.Joe had a cousin.He vouched for us just to get a ticket.We needed a change, Nashville seemed like fun so we took a shot but half way there we said why can't we just get off and stay in Nashville? We were undecided.Flipping na coin seemed fair.Heads Knoxville Tails Nashville.He flipped and It said Tails.I win! Next stop Nashville, TN.

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