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Carelessness is a disease and all human beings are affected by it. Here, one girl is being careless and so how is she suffering because of his carelessness? Are you careless? No, definitely not! Cuz you have chosen the right book. Let's see what happens to the girl.

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Once a train arriving a platform. When the engine stops, everyone inside the train looks at the Platform. Only the dust and sand were flying around and the smoke from the train.

"No one is here?? Uhm? We can leave..." TTR questioned and answered himself. The Green Flag slowly waved. From a distance,

"Siirrrr, Please Wait!!!" A voice shouted from the ticket counter.

"Whhat? Come fast!" The Flagman told her. He continued waving the green flag.

"Next time, Come Earlier!" The Flagman warned her then she got into the compartment. After entering the train, she took her mobile and called her mother, "Hey Mom! I have reached the train." Her mom advised as usual, "Uhm!! At least next time, get up earlier!". "Haan Hann! I know, Mom." Then the line dead.


"Does the girl is there?" Engineman asked the TTR.

"Seems NOT!" replied.

"Urgh! For this girl alone, we are rambling the whole town!"

"So, you're telling me not to wait for her?"

"No! Not like that! Ask her to change the station!"


At the station,

"Hey! I am earlier today!! What about the train?" She asked the Flagman.

"It will arrive in a few sec!" While he was speaking train arrived.

"Hey, TTR! Am I earlier today?"

"Yeah! Yeah! But one thing want to tell you!" TTR tried.

"Yeah, Sure! But not now." She refused.

"Hi, Mom! Today I am the earliest! I proved you! Hahaha!!"

"Hmm... That's why today's clouds are getting darker! hahahahaha!!" Her mother poked fun of her. While speaking, "ROLA STATION ARRIVED!" a voice alarmed everyone. "Okok Bye, Ma!" She cuts the call.

"Oh My god! It late! already!" She's started to hurry. Then TTR, "Uhm! Krya, One....."

"Yeah, TTR! Byyeee. It's already late! I will see you in the dawn!" She hurried and ran towards her office cab.

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