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The story talks about a Crusader Knight, Named John and his journey through the Third Crusade in the Holy land, John has been summoned by King Richard the first to attend the crusades against the Muslim Factions, Will he be able to get back to England safe and sound ?

Боевик Всех возростов.
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The Arrival

It was the 8th of June, 1191. The warm sun shone, high above our heads as our battleship sailed gallantly onward. It was only a thin line at first, but we started to see land on the horizon. The cool occassional breeze made us shiver, but we were excited. King Richard was playing the part of orator, busy rallying up the troops for what was to come. He shouted "Men, The conquest of the Holy land will bring us up. Remember God's forgiveness and mercy. For this journey will be a path to heaven so do not be afraid. God is with us in what's to come".

However my heart had it's doubts on what lay ahead. It pumped in my chest as we edged forward, and soon, we could clearly see the city of Acre before our eyes. George seemed happy and over the moon. But I doubted any good could come of this. George looked at me and saw worry in my eyes. He asked me, "John, are you alright ?" I paused for a moment before I replied. "I don't know, George. I don't think going to war against people is right. Is this the truly righteous path?"

George looked at me in surprise, but he put a comforting arm around my shoulder, "The pope said If we fight in the holy land, God will forgive our sins and have mercy on us all. Don't you want that, John?" I breathed, smiling and I replied, "As you say, George"

I was still doubtful. But I didn't dwell on these thoughts for long.

After 10 minutes, our ships docked and the King ordered us to move our gear ashore. We did so, and after two hours of setting camp, night fell. We lit our torches and ate our meals in silence.

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