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This is a Paper that is meant to be easy to understand and a very brief and easy to understand Introduction to the series of informative papers to come on the subject of Demonology.

Документальная проза Всех возростов. © All Rights Reserved. Professor Alec J. Booker.

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Paper #002

Demonic: Possessions 101:

Part I: An Introduction.

By: Alec J. Booker Dip AH, Demonologist, Paranormal Investigator, Researcher & Historian.

Ever since I can remember I have been completely and utterly fascinated with the concept of Hell, Fallen Angels, The Devil and the Demonic.

I have read many books, studied many cases both historically and in more recent years and have come to the conclusion that it would truly take more than one life time to explore every little nook and cranny regarding this truly monumental topic.

So, for the sakes of time and sanity of all involved I have decided to share with you my particular view on a subject from within the Infernal spectrum. That my friends, is the topic of Demonic possessions.

Do not fear, this is going to be a very brief and informal introduction to the subject

As the title suggests this is a 101, style pamphlet designed to give you a very brief introduction into the what's, whys and were fore's.

This I hasten to add is not a D.I.Y. Manual and it is not intended as an instructional tool whereby at the end you can call yourself a demonologist and go around exorcising people.

This has been created as a purely educational and theoretical, informative piece of literature that aims to enlighten those inclined to be aware of potentially demonic influences upon our mortal being.

Simply put, this article is not a credential and should only be used as a reference piece, if you suspect anything Demonic, or anything that seems abnormal in a spiritual manner it is always wise to contact your local spiritual advisor/leader, Pastor, Priest, Imam, Rabbi etc, for advice.



Part I: Assumed Knowledge Can be a Dangerous Thing.

We are all guilty of it aren't we? We have all seen the Movies, Read the

Books and found ourselves asking the question: “How hard can it actually be?” Say a few Phrases in Latin, splash some holy water on the person and then banish a demon from our plane of existence. Sounds easy right?

Well, that is the type of thinking that I am talking about. The outstanding level of arrogance possessed that can lead to serious complications and possibly even endanger lives.

“You may think, A.J. Whoa, chill out man, it can’t be that bad right?” The answer to that is, YES IT CAN BE!

I am not attempting to discourage those who wish to help a loved one, nor am I attempting to conjure up fear to capitalise on. I am ensuring people who find themselves in situations where an encounter of the paranormal variety know what to look for to help safeguard themselves, their families and the crew with which they work closely.

We all, myself included want to discover what lies beyond the vail of this existence, we all wish to capture that incredible Full Sprectrum Shot, or The Phenomenal EVP etc. However, Let's do it safely.

Part II: What Is a Demon?

Well, that my friends, is the million-dollar question, isn't it? There are so many theories out there that it is almost impossible to actually answer that question in a straight forward manner.

I shall however shove in my two Paneth for you and try to, a s best as I can, give you as straight forward an answer as possible.

A demon is a Theological/Supernatural and in some respects even considered a Mythological entity that is considered in most Faiths and Belief systems as Evil, The Enemy, Anti - Anything to do with the supernatural forces of Good, Purity and so on.

Some Describe them as fallen angels, some as forgotten deities that have lost their true identities and forgotten over history their original purpose. Some even use them as a metaphor to describe the dark side of all human behaviour.

My view, I think they all contain a grain of truth to them. Let us look at it this way, if God or what or whoever you choose to believe in can be everywhere, and anything you need God to be then logically speaking so to can Demons.

It is hard for our mere, human brains to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the Spiritual that is why faith is required it in my humble opinion is a by -product of our inability to explain the inexplicable. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that demons are on an equal footing to The Creator/God/Goddess or whomsoever you choice as your deity, but they do deserve the respect of a formidable opponent, one that is beyond any mortal's ability to successfully combat alone in essence we must have Faith.

There are some people who do not wish to believe in the Demonic, that blame the behaviours on Mental Illness and lack of judgment and poor choices. In most cases they may be correct. However, if a tree is felled in a forest and there is no one around to hear it fall, does the tree still not make a sound? There are times when none of the above are applicable to the situation, then where do people turn? It is not for me to decide who is right or who is wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions and some are contrary, some agree and some are just downright bloody insane, but that is what makes this so fascinating a topic and most definitely one worthy of respect.

Part III: What are the signs of Demonic Possessions?

Again, as with anything in the world of the paranormal, I believe that there are multiple correct and incorrect answers. We have seen what a task it is to try and identify what a Demonic entity actually is and sadly, the same can be said for the task of attempting to identify Demonic Possessions.

Demonic possessions are RARE! Some Demonologists can go their entire lifetime without seeing or even having a trace of a case that actually involves a true demonic possession. We should, instead of being disappointed in that rejoice in the fact we have never had to come face to face with such darkness.

Does it mean that they do not exist, not in my opinion, no. It is a matter of right place, right time for them.

Sadly, with the rise in popularity of the subject of the Demonic we find ourselves having to deal with Online ordained priests who love the idea of dressing in black and hunting out the Demonic, for them it is all about the aesthetic of the lifestyle and it is to those people I say...

“You are endangering yourselves, the ones you love and the people you are, and I air quote within a quote “Trying to help.” free from the chains of the Demonic.”

Most recent cases that have been reported as demonic possessions, in actual fact have been little more than either hoaxes of those who were entirely cognisant of the wrongs they were doings and their crimes so heinous that they assumed they’d get a more lenient sentence, or more likely misdiagnosed.

I am not saying that Possessions do not happen, however, it is more likely to a would-be demonologist was a little overzealous in the initial assessment phase.

The Two More likely behaviours that are linked to demonic encounters or interference are:

Diabolic Temptation & Diabolic Oppression.

Diabolic Temptation: - We have all been tempted to do something, at some point in our lives, haven’t we not? Well, imagine that feeling magnified exponentially. I'm not talking about being tempted to watch an extra hour of television or read another hour past bedtime. No, these temptations are usually urges to do things uncharacteristically in nature, out of the ordinary, that may indeed be linked to a specific sin such as Lust, Gluttony, Anger or Sloth. A demon Can manipulate these urges to become more intense, more frequent with the hopes that the individual will succumb to the temptation and fuel the Demonic desires in turn strengthening the entity.

Diabolic Oppression – Have you ever heard yourself utter the words, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, or Everything is turning to S**T.?

Well chances are you are just having a bad day, or that you have actually just hit a bit of a rough patch. When we talk about Diabolic Oppression, we are talking about the relentless and unending negative occurrences that happen almost out of the blue.

Again, this one is difficult to judge and why a professional should always make the final decision regarding classification. Coincidence is a phrase that is associated heavily with demonic oppression as faith plays a large role in anything demonic.

Do you believe it was coincidence that you lost your job, caught your wife cheating on you with the neighbour, you lost your cool and are now in front of a judge on assault charges? There could be a logical explanation to this sequence of events but you came from a good home, parents loved each other, you have two brothers that you adore and they adore you, your life is going just fine. Then suddenly Bang. Difficult isn’t it. With demonic oppression a tell-tale sign is that it is not over quickly, Demon's revel in suffering and will make it last as long as they can. This is why it is so damn dangerous.

Ultimately it comes down to the matters of faith and how we quantify Good and Evil, Right or Wrong.

We have 5 senses, Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound and Sight. However, there is a sense that we all share, a sense that is hardwired into our very biology and that is “A Common Sense”

If we were smell a freshly baked loaf of bread our mother made and then later on in life, we smelled a similar scent whilst out on our daily business our senses would register that smell and associate it with the experience of taste and because the smell was a pleasant one, we assume that the bread will taste as good as we remembered it. Does that mean the bread was good? Did the bread taste like we remembered it?

Why am I mentioning this? Well, it is used in this instance as a visualisation of the point I have been trying to make since the beginning.

Our mind and experiences may not match the reality to which we currently perceive, we may in actual fact have rose tinted specs on in our day-to-day life that it distracts us from the darker side of it.

For those of us who deal with the paranormal on the day to day we must be aware of ourselves, our beliefs and possess the ability to look objectively at our inner workings enabling us to identify possible pit falls that could leave us open to Demonic Interference.

Part IV: What are the Physical Signs of a Demonic Possession?

The Demonic Are always on the lookout for suitable hosts that fit their plans to corrupt and lead us astray from the path of righteousness.

Once all the steps have been taken to establish that we could potentially have encountered Demonic Activity, possible even demonic possession here are a couple of things that may give further evidence that something supernatural or indeed demonic is actually occurring.

Every case will be different, every person will experience a unique event that is solely theirs and as such these should only be taken as a base line, ball park indicators of a possession.

A person who is suspected as being possessed by a demonic entity may have an irrational fear of and an uncontrollable aversion to sacred objects. These objects can be a Crucifix, A Bible, Churches, Prayers and even Hymns. It should be noted that a Demonic entity does not fear the priest. The fear stems from what the priest or holy representative stands for. A typical response would be aggressive and intense hatred as well as abject fear.

The ability to speak in languages that are completely alien to the person suspected of possession. Now I am not talking about a cursory understanding of French or high school Japanese. A sign of a true demonic possession would be the ability to fluently speak what are termed as “Dead Languages” such as koine Greek, Latin or Akkadian etc...

Knowledge of things and ideas that are completely Unkown or foreign concepts to the suspected Demonically possessed individual. I do not for one second mean that an educated guess that you could have read from a text book in a library knowledge but a detailed, descriptive, intimate knowledge of things that there is no possible explanations as to how or why the individual would have any reason to know.

As stated previously these are likely to be very blanket terms used for descriptive purposes only, I would not recommend using this as your only reference when and if you go out into the field.

For those who are unclear on the sequence and steps with dealing with a possible demonic possession, here is a brief reminder:

Regularly run self-checks and keep journals of the results.

(It is a nifty little paper trail and can prove useful)

Keep thorough records of your investigations, Clients, addresses of investigations as these can prove invaluable in determining the originating source.

If you or someone you know is concerned about possible demonic possession at an investigation or in your personal life, (Leave the site of the investigation) Consult a spiritual advisor e.g., a priest, Imam, Rabbi or Demonologist.

Never try to resolve these matters alone, always keep people appraised of the situation to avoid fear, speculation and any unnecessary contact. Attend a consultation process to ascertain the legitimacy of the claims, this can be done at your place of residence a church or a neutral location.

Demonic possessions are indeed RARE, and as such a layman or a rookie demonologist may jump to the worst-case scenario straight away.

People have preconceived notions that an Exorcism is an easy option and that it will completely resolve all issues in no time at all. Alas, this is not always the case. There are times where the process can be long and drawn out and possibly even leave the individual, their family, friends and other loved ones, even you tired, afraid and wanting to give up.

These Entities are ruthless in their pursuit of fresh quarry to taint and corrupt and will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goals, whatever they may be.

But it is through these little pieces of writing I hope to make a stand and help redress the balance between the forces of the Light and Dark here on this mortal realm by the strength of my will and the grace of Faith, we can make a difference. May your Chosen God/Goddess Bless and keep you safe from harm and bless all your endeavours as fruitful.

Until next we meet my friends.




This part is purposefully short and the only two real terms that need clear definition are:

Demonic – Relating to or characteristics of demons or evil spirits.

Exorcism – The expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed spirit from a person or place.

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